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Nov-11-2008, 21:33
I call this fantastic! I would like your opinion. I just found it and loved
watching.YouTube - Animusic 2 - Cathedral Pictures (complete!) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q259PP4HdzM&feature=related)
judy tooley:angel:

Nov-11-2008, 21:54
Yes it is wonderful.
But it is much better if you use this link (for people who has DSL) :


I add a freeware that did this thing, but not so nice. It may be the same program but a newer version. I don't remember the name of this software.

Nov-12-2008, 03:17
Thank you Musicalis. I wonder what Krummhorn and the other will think?
They play nice organs. The one I used to play was a small one.
judy tooley

Nov-12-2008, 03:35
Sorry Judy - not a fan, someone with way too much time on their hands and no musical talent ...

Nov-12-2008, 05:31
Well, I'll only say that it is somewhat interesting, but echo CT64's points. Personally, I like the instrumental ones ... but I could use those cannons at times in church to wake the drowsy faithful :crazy:

Nov-12-2008, 16:21
It would be nice if there were a live version with real instruments. I love
the music that is playing on the video.
judy tooley

Nov-12-2008, 17:33
In my region, there is going to be just that. The local AGO Chapter concert this weekend, will include a work entitled Four Psalms for Percussion and Organ, written by Emma Lou Diemer. The organ is a 45 rk Holtkamp in an Episcopal church here.

I'm looking forward to this as I've not heard percussion with organ in a live concert setting before. Should be interesting.

Nov-12-2008, 22:56
Judy - the first piece of music played is the opening promenade from Pictures at an Exhibition, by Mussorgsky.

Nov-13-2008, 18:14
I knew there was something familar about the opening. I thought the first
part of the opening was Trumpet Tune. I have heard it before animusic
did such a video. This is a program used like a virtual animation like our
buddy Musicalis would use.
judy tooley

Nov-13-2008, 20:39
Thank you Judy, that is slightly unusual. If you want to go to sleep this is the one for you.


Nov-19-2008, 20:06
I just thought this video was just fantastic and different.

judy tooley

Dec-11-2008, 14:03
I have found in my computer the old software that looks like animated music.
It is not so nice, of course, but it is free. The name is Midijam.

look at http://wakoopa.com/software/midi-jam

Dec-12-2008, 00:33
Thanks Musicalis.
judy tooley