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Jan-11-2009, 23:38
Hi all, I recently came across this vintage leather bach trombone case and i would like to know, what tromebone fits in this case. It is 35 inches long and 11 inches wide. Inside the bellend is 9inches across and the body is 27 inches long. Also the slide is 31 inches long.

I uploaded a photo of the case which can been seen here : http://i40.tinypic.com/hvb9l4.jpg


Jan-12-2009, 00:23
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Jan-12-2009, 00:37
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Jan-12-2009, 14:03
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Jan-12-2009, 14:10

I'm a percussionist, not a trombonist, but it looks to me like it would be an alto trombone case?

Jan-13-2009, 20:51
Thanks all for the info ! Very much apreciated!

Jan-13-2009, 23:14
There is this wikipedia site with more info on the various types of Trombones (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Types_of_trombones). Surprisingly there are types I had not heard of until reading that page.

Aug-11-2009, 23:08
Hi, even if my name says I play tuba, I'm first a trombone player and I have a case just like this one at home. A 9 inches bell can be either for a Bach Stradivarius 36B or a 42B, the only difference is the tubing diameter. The 36B is a medium bore professionnal trombone and the 42B a large bore.

Hope this answer does not come too late.