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Jan-19-2009, 07:54
Has anyone else been using this feature? I've been loading up my homepage with all kinds of useless stuff to amuse myself; games, music players, weather, news etc..

At the moment the theme I have as background is 'Dynamic Dots'. Before that it was 'Fractals'. :grin:

Jan-19-2009, 09:27
Sounds like fun ... and that you have w-a-y-y-y too much time on your hands ... :lol:

I'll have to check it out, though ... if only to keep up with technology.

Jan-19-2009, 14:29
I haven't used it yet, but of course now I want to have a look.


Jan-20-2009, 08:44
:lol: Kh

I really enjoy it, Margaret.

Well, to be honest, my page is decked out, but I don't use most things very often. I do, however, like having all the stuff right there for when I want it. I have a to-do list and a calendar too, which I find useful.

I also have a Michael Jackson top 50 songs player. Sounds great. :grin:

The games I have on there (but seldom use) are:

Brain tuner
Copter game

Think I'll go change my background theme. :grin: