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Jan-23-2009, 23:47
What would you vote for and why?

Phoenix Organs
Viscount Organs
Alhborn-Galanti Organs
Content OrgansI know there are many other brands as well, but these are the ones tha have drawn my attention

Thank you

Jan-24-2009, 00:30
Good question ... and deserving of an official poll, so I added one, just for the visible effect (and the fact that I can do that - :rolleyes:)

I voted for Phoenix and 'Other". I think the clarity of sound for the Phoenix far outranks the others mentioned in this listing. As for "other", I would vote for Marshall & Ogletree if it were on the list.

I have never had a liking for Alhorn-Galanti ... the flues are nice, but the reeds are ... too electronic (fake) sounding.

Corno Dolce
Jan-24-2009, 01:37
If I had to choose an instrument for home use:

1. Marshall & Ogletree
2. Walker Digital
3. Rodgers
4. Allen