View Full Version : Major Software Upgrade!

Frederik Magle
Feb-06-2009, 18:52
I've just finished upgrading the forum software to the latest version of vBulletin: version 3.8.1, as well as updating several installed modifications.

This is a major upgrade from the old version 3.6.8 and includes a lot of new features and functionality. However, there will most likely also be several issues that needs to be addressed, something which I will try to do today and over the course of the weekend.

Some of the new features will not be available right away, but has to be configured and activated first, again something I will try to do over the coming days.

Please report any problems you encounter by replying to this thread, thanks. Enjoy the new possibilities, and please forgive any "teething" problems that may arise :)

Best regards,

Feb-07-2009, 09:26
Looks really nice, Frederik :tiphat:

Lots of new functionality and features galore!! Very impressive.
Thank you for your dedication to this site and for this marvelous upgrade.

Feb-10-2009, 04:46
Thanks a lot Frederik!

Plenty of fun to be had with the new features. :)

Andrew Roussak
Feb-12-2009, 18:07
Hi Frederik,

I am happy to report one of such problems:)!

In a box which informs you of new posts, you have programmed a 30 sec. lag between the searches. As I click on "Unread posts" right after log-in, this message comes up ( you have to wait 30 sec. etc. ). It does not matter, furthermore, whether I click on it after having read some posts as well. The only way to get to the list of UNREAD POSTS is to wait these 30 sec., not BETWEEN the searches, but AFTER clicking on "UNREAD POSTS" - every time.