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Jul-05-2005, 17:56
So what is your favourite crossover record? Mention one record per post, and why you consider it a crossover record.

Jul-05-2005, 18:12
My favourite crossover record is probably "A Meeting by the River" with Ry Cooder and V.M. Bhatt. My second choice would have been "Head Hunters" by Herbie Hancock, but since "A Meeting by the River" is much less known, I'd like to acknowledge it. The two musicians just met for the first time only a half hour before recording the record and the whole record was recorded live using only two microphones, which you can hardly believe when you hear the music. The music is truly crossover music, with Cooder on bottleneck guitar and Bhatt on a self-made instrument, a mohan vina. They are accompanied by a tabla player and Cooder's son on dubek. Although the persons have completely different backgrounds (Americans and Indians) the music they create from the void and perform together by improvising makes perfectly sence. A beautiful record. The ballad "Isa Lei" is my favourite.

Sep-04-2005, 07:51
My favorite is Siamese Twins by Bangkok Blue a mix of Classical Thai music and jazz for marimba.


Sep-05-2005, 05:55
My favorite crossover record is Ilaiyaraaja's HOW TO NAME IT ?

The reasons : Bach's "Grand Partita" is explored with an Indian counterpoint and in one stunning piece "Chamber Welcomes Thiagaraja", there is actually a dialogue conversation between Bach and the Indian Saint composer Thiagaraja, using both classical idioms seamlessly merging them

you listen to the crossover "HOW TO NAME IT ?" and then you will understand!

Sep-15-2005, 10:46
Sounds interesting.