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Jun-06-2007, 07:32
Hi to rojo, Krummhorn, rossert (Avril Lavigne),

Instead of writing about the composer or his music, let me first give some links to listen to his music. Kindly cooperate to identify what kind of music is this. You need not register at those sites, but you may need "realplayer".

HERE are the Links:
Kindly listen to the tracks "Nee Partha", "Isaiyil Thodanguthamma” and "Pollatha Madhana"

Kindly listen to all tracks, especially "Aasaiye Kaathule"

Kindly listen to tracks, "Saara Yeh Alaam", "Dheemi Dheemi", "Kaise Kahen"

Kindly listen to tracks, "Potthi Vatcha"

Kindly listen to all tracks.

kindly listen to "Monkey Chatter"

Kindly listen to tracks, "Kombula Poovae Sutthi", "Onnavida Indha Ulagathilae"

Kindly feed back.

If you find it difficult to listen this way, I will upload tracks in later.


Jun-08-2007, 05:54
The composer Ilaiyaraaja has once said to a western musician, "I have not created anything new. The Ragaas (scales) were given by my ancestors (Indian), the Counterpoints were given by your ancestors (Western). And I have just harmonised them."

I JUST ADD THE TESTIMONIALS given in the www.raaja.com web site:

RICHARD KING» (Sound Engineer of Thiruvasagam in Symphony, Winner of 5 Grammy awards) - Even his thoughts are musical. Ilaiyaraaja is the musical face of India, which the western world is really stunned at !!!

LASLOV KOVACS » (Conductor, Budapest Symphony Orchestra, Hungary) - He is Hollywood Kind. A very special composer. It seems he does not have to think at all to create music. Music just flows out. The feeling that you experience, while you listen to his compositions, is often quite inexplicable. It is unfortunate that the world is yet to recognize this composer. It is not a loss for Him, but it is, to the music world.

STEPHEN SCHWARTZ » I have had the great pleasure this week of hearing some of the recording of Ilaiyaraaja's wonderful new work (Thiruvasakam in Symphony). I think it is going to be an amazing piece, blending ancient Tamil poetry and contemporary English texts, Western music and Indian music, and superb singing.

MASSIMO SIMONINI» (Composer & Founder of ANGELICA forum, Italy) » The music of Ilaiyaraaja, besides containing many forms, is a good object of reflections and meditations on the form, on its consume, for an eventual, possible expansion. It shows models & rare formulae, unthinkable for the western music song world or western cinema. His film songs feature a metrics that is strictly linked to the images, to the atmospheres of the movie, while the movie itself appears to be composed by a myriad of narrative video clips, which in turn give the song an opening towards other musical forms - A moving open form, that is strictly linked to the inspiration of the moment, ready to welcome anything in a surprising structure, enriched by a, still so strong, indian tradition, where rhythm, melody, devotion and surprise travel together. These entities are seen moving in places where style and form can be continually re-discussed, while still following a logic, a narration. It¹s almost like a kaleidoscopic song, full of rules, but also rich in expressive possibilities...keeps moving...truly vedic.

JOSEPH EAGER (Conductor, World Symphony Orchestra, USA) » His music will be heard through the twenty-first century [predicted during the release function of "Nothing But Wind" CD in New York in 1988].

VICTOR RANGEL RIBEIRO (musicologist and author of Baroque Music, USA) » Your ears will hear music like they never heard before.

DAVID KERMAN (ReR-USA, Music Distributor, North America) » We are big fans of the Maestro, and are proud to be the exclusive North American importer of the WINGS CD. ReR USA holds no allegiance to any particular style or genre of music, rather we only care about excellence. That's why we're so thrilled to have Ilaiyaraaja!!

UTTAM SINGH (Music Composer, India) » Ilaiyaraaja is perhaps the only complete music composer in India.

PAUL MAURIAT » He is a genius.

STEPHEN DAVIS(New Age) » He is leading us to a very special world of music appreciation, and has opened new doors of new horizons of new age music.

ReRmegacorp » What makes Ilaiyaraaja so universal is his cheerful adoption of much of the world's music and its instruments while remaining focused on the needs of song and the language of popular film; what makes him so addictive is his extraordinary sense of arrangement and instrumentation. Everything is detail with a small surprise lurking around every corner. This is work of painstaking subtlety, wrapped in simple forms - and luminous undemonstrative musicianship - the kind of work that grows with every listening and depends on its inner qualities and not on shock, dissidence or effect. These are perfectly crafted songs with mysterious arrangements and a catalogue of rhythms that are never as simple as they seem. A gem!

THE MUSIC MAGAZINE Magnasound India » Who would imagine that a baroque violin orchestra can conjure up a south Indian village? That is the genius of Ilaiyaraaja.

Jun-23-2007, 06:35
Dear All,

Kindly give your feedback so that I can post still more music of this most important composer who is yet to be given proper recognition.

I feel you people can help us.

Akbar Basha S