View Full Version : ODF Builder for MyOrgan, new version

Feb-24-2009, 20:54
New version 2.8.6 of the software. It works relatively well but the first use is complicated because you will have to personalize some files. You must have also the samples of the pipes which you intend to use.
This software for PC is a freeware

download (http://organ.monespace.net/My_Organ_Builder/My%20Organ%20Builder.zip)


Mar-03-2009, 16:18
There was a big bug in the stops-grid, leading to an endless loop.
It has been fixed with the new version 2-8-7.
Download button remains the same, in previous post.
This software is still unperfect, I know, but we advance.

Mar-16-2009, 23:34
March 16th 2009
version 2-8-8b is available at same URL

Download here (http://organ.monespace.net/My_Organ_Builder/My%20Organ%20Builder.zip)