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Mar-08-2009, 01:41

I have added this small tutorial (in English and in French) to my web site.
For instance, add a quintaton 8' to great.
For MyOrgan or Hauptwerk 1
May be it may interest some of you.

TUTORIAL (http://organ.monespace.net/pages/47.php)

Un petit didacticiel bilingue pour ajouter des jeux à son orgue virtuel

Mar-10-2009, 09:06
Hi Jean-Paul,
This is a great start to getting users creating their own custom organs! Great work :-)

I think that it might be good to add an 'advanced' section at the end and discuss the concepts of
StopControlMIDIKeyNumber = xxx
ShortcutKey = xxx

For users that want to use MyOrgan/HW1 using the computer keyboard to change stops or a MIDI console to change the stops.

Interesting that you have created a Quintaton by combining two stops. I already have one from a Theatre Organ set, but I like the idea of creating new stops from others :-)


Mar-11-2009, 21:40
Thanks Graham

I have also started to make a five rank cornet, but not completed because it takes time, but it sounds fine.
to make the cornet, you have to create an special virtual organ with the five ranks and edit each rank volume until you get a correct cornet sound in which harmonics aare well balanced.
Then i create a piece of music with whole notes or half whole, in a chromatic scale from C-36 and separated by rest of the same lenght. I play it and record with myorgan at slow tempo. Then I split the file into 61 samples and make the loops. As you can see , a long task, but you can mak cymbale, mixtures, vvoix celeste, plenum ....