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Mar-09-2009, 13:37
Hi, to all out there
A drummer by profession, I am seeking some guidance in further developing my career. I have established myself well enough as a drummer and earn enough to fend for myself and pay my bills. What I need is some kind of publicity on the internet, wherein I can promote myself and get hired by other musician as well. How do I get to the next level? How do I go about this?

Mar-10-2009, 11:27
Hi Fenton,

Welcome to this forum community, btw.

In answer to your question, you may want to try posting vids on YouTube or other such venues. If you are part of a band or group, you might try creating your own group website or your own individual website. Many online ISP's offer some (limited) webspace using their servers for this purpose.

In order to get hired by other musicians or musician groups, you need to promote your own name ... local ads in the paper ... creating a blog on the internet ... sometimes these things take time and lots of effort. I'm well respected in my music career where I live, but it took 20 years of solid work and local exposure to get to that level, and I have never used the internet to promote my talent.

There's got to be some drummer forums online, too ... there might be a drummer or three here on this forum who may be able to offer more advice than I can on this.

Mar-10-2009, 23:39
Hi Fenton,

Welcome, glad you could join us.

Do stay around and someone will hopefully be able to help you.


Jul-13-2009, 22:17
i can share my love of music and at the same time earn an income out of it. its so great. thanks for the info.

Jul-14-2009, 01:28
WELCOME my friend. Krummhorn has good ideas. Craigslist.com has sections for musicians and us free. Some groups under windows live or yahoo messanger are good for social connections for advancement . Local Musician unions many use which personally I do not care for unions. Have fun here and goodluck.

Oct-20-2009, 05:28
Yup, you can find section of musicians at craiglist.com or just joining IRC chat and going at music lounge.

Aug-26-2010, 14:00
Hey i think it's very good suggestion. thanks for sharing good info learn music and earn.:D