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Apr-04-2009, 01:13

Title: Of All the Mysteries
Year: 2007
Genre: Progressive Rock

John Green – Vocals, keyboards
Jamie McGregor – Drums, vocals
Scott Cleland – Electric & acoustic guitars, cello, vocals
Jonathan Patch – Bass, acoustic guitar, flute, vocals


1. Mongrel – 3:12
2. Smile – 14:50
3. XOT – 6:48
4. Patchquilt – 3:55
5. Kaleidoscope – 3:22
6. Islands – 20:27

Recording information: Independent

Of All the Mysteries, released in 2007, is the third release from Colorado's progressive band SINGULARITY – the other two previous were Color of Space, in 1999 (which is said to be very Rush influenced), and Between Sunlight and Shadow, in 2002 (that is said to remind Porcupine Tree a lot).

In this recording, though, the echoes of Rush and Porcupine Tree are much less evident (one would even say almost nonexistent). Instead, in Of All the Mysteries what we hear is a very nice mix of symphonic prog influences reminiscent of other contemporary prog bands such as Anglagard, Anekdoten, Phideaux and Spock's Beard (and yes, some sparse reminiscences of Porcupine Tree too). The absolute highlight in the album is "Islands" (track 6), a wonderful, 20-minute suite with even some Camel atmosphere and Latimer-inspired guitar work. :up:

All in all, one of the best progressive albums I have listened to lately, definitely worth recommending to everybody else who is also into prog. :clap:

The audio quality of this recording is also top-notch, definitely one of the best sounding albums in the genre I know.

Samples available at these links:




Aug-02-2010, 11:33
Great review, I love true progressive music of any genre or no genre. Tell me, are you with the group in any way? I would love to listen to their work, do they have complete tracks at their myspace site? :)

Aug-13-2010, 14:45
I am reminded of ELP. I am listening to Mongrel right now. Strong chops coming from the the keyboards. The overall mix seems to be lacking though. It seems to missing some depth from listening to the stream on myspace. Ok now I am into a slight Rush feel. very cool.
I don't know how the guitars where recorded but it sounds like the where recorded with a direct line in. I would try using a mic to catch that classic guitar sound. It doesn't ruin the listening though. Listening to track 2 very easy on the ears and neurons. Good quality to the vocals. Kinda reminds me of Steven Wilson. Track to has enough hooks to keep the listener involved. Ok now into a Yes feel.
If I had to summarize this band. I would say....." a conglomeration of every progressive phase of modern rock"
for fans of Yes, Rush, Emerson Lake and Palmer and Porcupine Tree.
Keep it ups guys.

Aug-16-2010, 16:27
Makes sense, given every band you mentioned this band emulated arose in the 70s, that the band members' average age would be around...50. ish.
But kids under 25 these days can surprise you too.