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Apr-08-2009, 18:52

Title: Black Light Syndrome
Year: 1997
Genre: Progressive Rock / Fusion


Terry Bozzio: Drums
Tony Levin: Bass, stick
Steve Stevens: Guitars


1. The Sun Road — 14:37
2. Dark Corners — 8:31
3. Duende — 7:25
4. Black Light Syndrome — 8:45
5. Falling in Circles — 9:07
6. Book of Hours — 9:38
7. Chaos/Control — 8:49

Recording information: Magna Carta # MAXX-9019-2

This is a project/supergroup joined by three of the most distinguished and skilled musicians from Magna Carta label: drummer/percussionist Terry Bozzio, bassist/stick player Tony Levin (very known for his extraordinary work with King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, Liquid Tension Experiment, etc.) and guitarist Steve Stevens. They released only two albums to date: Black Light Syndrome, in 1997, and Situation Dangerous, in 2000.

The music is instrumental rock-fusion with huge time changes, incredible variations and nice progressive elements throughout, ranging from furious, heavy passages at some moments to jazzy and slower passages at others, even featuring some classical and flamenco echoes throughout the album too (provided by incredible guitarist Steve Stevens).

These guys are true virtuoses in their respective instruments and the magic between them is absolutely incredible in this recording, allowing them to deliver here some of the best instrumental music pieces you will ever find in any genre. :up:

"Black Light Syndrome" is not only one of the best instrumental progressive albums ever released IMO, it is also definitely one of the best sounding recordings you'll ever hear in the genre, featuring crystal clear details, excellent stereo image and huge dynamics throughout. Listen, for example, to "Duende" (track 3) through a good, hi-fi stereo system, and you will be amazingly surprised at how detailed the music will sound in front of you. :clap: