View Full Version : I have a new baby!

Jun-07-2009, 23:42
It's time to pass out the guitar picks. I just bought a new Fender
acoustic and I just love it!:guitar: I was grown tired of getting cut fingers
playing my Esteban so yesterday I went to another town to shop and
found this pretty guitar at the Guitar Shop. Man what a difference!
This guitar plays like a dream.:guitar::clap:
judy tooley

Jun-08-2009, 03:31
Congrats, Judy :clap:

You going to show us pics of this new baby? And of you performing, too?

Jun-08-2009, 03:39
I will try! It looks like it's homemade with real wood. The esteban looked
and felt like it was fake or something. The finish even had me itching.
The new Fender doesn't. Here's a picture of the new Fender.
judy tooley

Jun-08-2009, 07:47
Nice looking machine ... bet it sounds as nice as it looks :up:

Jun-08-2009, 17:23
Oh it does! Yes I'm bragging about it. I needed something to hug and
it is also just the right size for me to play it without the side being in
my face and light as a feather. Some guitars are heavy to pick up.
I have it sitting beside the Esteban to look like to blonde beauties.
judy tooley

Jun-08-2009, 21:06
Congrats, Judy. Hope you have hours upon hours of enjoyment with it.

Jun-09-2009, 19:41
I forgot one more new piece of music. I also bought a recorder flute
to learn. I did play the flute for a while but when I found this recorder
although it's a toy, I like playing it. It's the same size and sounds like
a real one. It's clear blue plastic that looks like glass. If I get good
on this new flute I will in the future purchase a real one. It sounds
real good for a toy. I've been playing it. Something new for my mouth
to do besides holding a smoker between my lips.
judy tooley

Jun-13-2009, 01:31
I thought you'd kicked the habit Judy??

Jul-13-2009, 21:43
congratz and ejnoy with your new babay.