View Full Version : looking for organists to perform my works

Jul-22-2009, 07:27
If you would like some free new music to perform, please visit my website. I will send you music if you promise to send me a review. Not everyone keeps their promise, so a few dollars would be nice too if you want. My music tends to be melodic rather than dissonant, influenced by Bach, Vierne, etc., and new age ambient music. I also made a couple of transcriptions. Here's the URL
http://www.sfo.com/~eameece/sheetmusic.htm (http://www.sfo.com/%7Eeameece/sheetmusic.htm)
I posted myself playing one of my best works on you tube at:

Please visit a few links at the bottom too including my sites about Vierne and Bach's great Toccata in F

Jul-23-2009, 04:27
Welcome to Magle International. Interesting piece of music you have written ( I noted on your other site you have a number of compositions to your credit). We have a number of very talented composers of Organ music/music on this site. I will listen again to your youtube piece and comment later for you. At first listen I enjoyed the tonal quality of the piece and very easy listening for a congregation. A Good prelude or offeratory...

Hum yes.. I note a counterpoint entering into the over all theme of the piece which leaves you to almost feel that you are going into a fugue.. ah a lass it is back to the original theme.. maybe apart of the fanasty concept. I would enjoy having a copy of this piece to play and will email a request to you from your sheet music site...... Thanks good Luck