View Full Version : Regolith - Cadre Turf and Live in London

Dave Graham
Aug-24-2009, 13:50
Regolith have just set up a download page where you can get our goodies hot and fresh, either as free 128k mp3s or low cost/high quality versions:


Our newest album, Cadre Turf is described thus:
"The result of a combination of processes. The first process was recording guitar phrases and re-editing, looping and layering them to form a kind of collage based on the original material.

The collage was then analysed, and the notes and phrases that emerged from it were transcribed and rescored, mainly with piano, tuned percussion and new live guitar parts. The two versions (the audio collage and the score) were then combined."

We tend to make orchestral inflected doom-ambience...but there's plenty of touches of other genres that make appearances too.

It's a real slow burner this one, you need to spend some time with it to really get into it - hope some of you guys fancy it.