View Full Version : Tunes you don't normally hear as jazz

Sep-04-2009, 15:56
A couple of tracks I heard earlier today which surprised me

Me and my Shadow, played by Dod Marmarosa, piano trio

Hey Jude, played by Stan Kenton orchestra

A few others that spring to mind are Dvoraks Humoresque played by Art Tatum and Kenny Ball's pianist playing Fur Elise.

Jacques Loussier can't really count for this as he specialised in classics played as jazz, apart from that what others have you come across.

I have heard a couple of Beatles numbers recorded by Benny Goodman with the band he toured Europe with in 1969 which consisted of nearly all British players.

Jan-23-2010, 18:15
How about the CD "Jealousy" (Hits of the 30s) by Yehudy Menuhin and Stephane Grapelli. This is an unusual line-up but the music is quite interesting. Grapelli plays piano on a couple of tracks which I hadn't heard before

Jan-23-2010, 18:21
I've heard some tracks they did, also saw them on TV, now available on video on Youtube