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    bockjames or just Jim

    :confused::clap:I just heard from my local music store that King Crisom is rereleasing there CD's Remastered and redited starting with RED next month. I was going to buy Red again and was told not to, is this true???
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    Is progressive music related to a time line ?

    :confused:I'm new to this site and this question may have been asked before. I recieved a email about a band that I should listen to, I bought it and listened to it with quite the ear. It came to me that the progressive music that I listened to back in the 70's or 80's may not be the same...
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    Davy O'list

    :confused:Does anyone know what happened to Davy O'list, other than disappearing ?
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    I'm interested in finding out about more progressive rock artists. I currently listen to. ( Yes, Jon Anderson, King Crimson, ELP, Pink Floyd, early Genesis, David Gilmour) etc. Of course there are rock bands that I listen to also. I started listening to progessive back in the early 70's like...