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    Mahler & New York... personal reflections

    (Semi-dedicated to Steve, who is in the midst of a Mahler listening project-) The impact of New York (and more particularly, the New York Philharmonic) on the legacy of Gustav Mahler is comprehensive and inarguable. To begin with, there's the biographical fact that Mahler served as Principal...
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    Win/Place/Show- Fav Opera recordings

    To test the health of this sub-forum, I'd like to ask you to name your Win/Place/Show choices for favorite opera recording. For the sake of this thread- please limit it to one opera per placing (so, for instance, if you have a boxed set of multiple operas that contains one or more that you like...
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    How many PASSWORDS/PINS for you??

    Yesterday, I had something of a significant event in my time here at MIMF- for the first time, I typed in my (very strong) password from memory!:grin: So, with a look over my shoulder at Alvin Toffler- I was wondering- how many passwords or P.I. numbers do YOU carry around in your head?? As for...
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    Do you still have room on the life-raft?

    Hi there! Chi_town/Philly here- requesting permission to come aboard. Wish we could have met under different circumstances... I'm a refugee from the temporarily disabled Talk Classical boards. I've long contemplated registering here, but (as related elsewhere) I'm unable to access this site...