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    "Henry: Portraits from Tudor Times" - Anthony Phillips ( cover )

    A brief immersion in the music of one of my favorite musicians - Anthony Phillips. The words are powerless to express the depth of his music. If you like the performance, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel and listen to my other performances with covers and original music. Thanks in...
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    Dutch Progressive Rock Pages for Daniel Eliseev Project (DEP )

    Our debut album "Night Shadow" is very highly rated by Dutch Progressive Rock Pages (DPRP). Some streamable links: Thanks in advance for your attention!
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    The "Night Shadow" album of Daniel Eliseev Project (D.E.P.) is a fact

    The "Night Shadow" album is already on sale! You can buy it on CD or digitally through our Bandcamp profile - Thanks for the attention and supporting us!
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    Daniel Eliseev Project (D.E.P.)- Night Shadow - album teaser

    Extensive teaser of the album "Night Shadow". We hope you will enjoy it! The first edition of the album on CD is ready.
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    Daniel Eliseev Project (D.E.P.)- offical single

    Daniel Eliseev Project (D.E.P.)- official single This is the first single of Daniel Eliseev Project (D.E.P.). We hope you will enjoy it! On October 18th and the official video to the song will appear in YouTube.
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    Teaser for the first single of Daniel Eliseev Project (D.E.P)

    On Monday, October 15, the first single of Daniel Eliseev Project (D.E.P.) will be released. <span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; background-color: rgb(248, 248, 252);">
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    Daniel Eliseev Project (D.E.P.) - short promo video for upcoming album

    Hello everybody! I just want to introduce you the band Daniel Eliseev Project (D.E.P.)- we are a bulgarian progressive rock band and this autumn we will release our debut album "Night Shadow". We hope that every fan of the progressive rock will find something excinting in the album! Here si one...
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    Hi, everybody!

    My name is Daniel Eliseev. I am a musician from Bulgaria. Progressive rock, fusion, jazz, experimental and classical music are my favorite styles. I am known as a band member of Travelhouse in the album "Mind Mapping" 2008 - Also I was...
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    Prog-Rock Tribute Bulgaria

    I want to introduce you one project which is honored to some classics prog-bands. And this is the first video. There will be more.