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    I am still left wondering exactly what MIDI is and what it has to do wth organs. I take it that it's an electronic phenomenon and has little or nothing to do with pipe organs. Yet such entities as Allen and Rodgers mention it in specifications. Can somebody enlighten me about its purpose and use?
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    I'm not referring to string ranks here, but rather to the kind used to tie things. Sometimes, in looking at pictures showing inside pipe chambers, one sees ranks witrh strings or narrow ribbons tied around them. Given that most people don't see these, they can't be for decoration, so what is...
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    Original Cavaille-Colls

    Is there anywhere a list or run-down of Cavaille-Coll organs that are still in basically their original conditions? There are three that are billed as such: St. Sulpice, St.Ouen, and St.Sernin. Just wondered what (if any) others exist. Long ago, modernization started taking its toll. The...
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    Does anything change?

    I don't know if Facebook and other "social networks" have taken over for forum blogs or what, but it seems as if nothing ever changes or gets added to these forums any more. I can scroll through them a week apart, and the same stuff is still there. It isn't just this one --others such as the...
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    Does anyone have a clue as to what prices are on Allen and/or Rodgers organs? These would be for new instruments ordered from factory or dealer. Installation and taxes would be added. Their websites have all kinds of descriptions, and at least for Allen, stop lists for several models. But...
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    Mechanical action

    Is there someone around who can provide a cogent explanation of why some people are still so fond of tracker-action organs? There is currently a thread running about a "Dom Bedos" organ in Italy. The instrument sounds like some kind of anachronism. And it's supposedly new, if one accepts a...
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    Do sharps befuddle keyboard players?

    Is it true that some keypoard players seem to prefer flats over sharps? I once knew a church pianist (I was the organist) who always insited hat anything with more than two sharps be transposed down half a tone to flats. Since most hymns are fairly simple notation, it is not all that...
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    Cathedral in Poland

    Some time back, in a thread on six-manual organs, there was a mention of a new cathedral in Poland, somewhat out-of-the-way, and largely one priest's doing. I can't find any reference to it in Google, etc. Does anyone remember the name of the place? I find it rather odd not to be able to come...
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    Liszt posting

    What happened to that recent posting with "you tubes" of Liszt's organ works? I was going through it, now I can't find it. Since Liszt wasn't known primarily as an organ composer, a lot of those pieces on that posting must have been transcriptions. Any idea who did them?
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    Those ribbons

    Several times, while watching videos that show pipes inside of chambers, I've seen ranks with what seem to be ribbons tied around each pipe. This can't do much to affect the sound, so what is the reason? Just doesn't seem like much of a place for decoration.
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    Six manuals

    I've just learned of another six-manual console, in the Cathedral of Santa Maria in Monreale, Sicily. That was a new one for me. According to info, it's a Rufatti, which is not surprising in Italy. Does anyone have a handle on how many six-manual consoles exist? The list can't be very...
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    I have often noticed that many European, especially German, organs have pistons only under the first manual. On the other hand, American consoles have them all over the place under every manual. Is there some explanation for the difference? There seem to be different systems for setting...
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    What's new??

    This morning the top of the forum page says there are "227 new postings since your last visit". Oh, really? There is rarely a new thread, and the postings are apparently either hidden or added to old threads. Am I missing something?
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    Pipe organs in San Jose, CA?

    Just out of curiosity, is there anyone available here who is aware of what the organ situation is is San Jose? Being the third-largest city in the state (after L.A. and San Diego), there ought to be something worthwhile by now. I raise the question because I attended S. J. State in the...
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    One to vote on

    Hands down, we all know what the most famous organ piece ever written is. And Widor's little diddy would probably be a good candidate for second. Can we make up a duly justifiable list of what follows?