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    Bill Frissell, jazz,prog or both?

    Guitar master Bill Frissell,always strikes me as an underestimated genius. So where would you place a man who works with as diverse a range of cohorts as I think would be possible, from turntables to trombones, the man is a true innovator, although his music is for the most part subtle. Why is...
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    Duke Ellington, ultimate jazzer?

    So who is the ultimate jazzman? Who is Mr. Big in jazz history, My personal hero of the genre would be Duke Ellington. Landmark arrangements,quality is the word for anything he created. His overall influence on generations of players and an indelable print on the record buying public from then...
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    So whats the difference? or are they just variations on a theme....
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    Saxophone masters of tone......

    I love sax,and thats not a misprint....The main thing I love about it is the varying tones and moods it can create,my favourite player is not necessarily the most technical. Earl Bostic....Deep Purple,Flamingo,fantastic and emotive music. Who else can compete?
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    Pop Clasical Novelty?

    Pavarotti and Elton JOhn are the latest in an occasional jaunt into collaberations between pop/classical.Does it have any value other than commercial?Or can someone name a decent one.
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    I recently recieved a double release on Angel Air,Carmen-The Gypsies/Widescreen 2cd set,CD225. It is two distinct bands with two related but different sounds and shared personell,but 20 ish years apart. The sleeve notes are a bit hard to get to grips with ,like a lot of my posts they meander. It...
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    upgrade?pc or mac?

    Fairly straightforward question.I use protools LE with loads of plugins and upgrades. My Carillon pc is getting to be too slow,so, do I upgrade this pc or to another type,or do I go with a mac,and if so what mac? as I know little about them.
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    Howdy folks...

    Hi there,now this is very nice.I am a music promoter and small label owner with a wide taste musically.I look forward to new discoveries........