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    Fabulous Interior Design

    Could do with a bit of a tidy up in my new house.
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    Can't have too much music!

    We have a music group that meets once a month taking it in turns to be host, it is classical only but I do slip a short jazz number in on the odd occasion, we aim for 90min of music which allows for a bit of a chat between works, we have complete works and sometimes short bits from various works...
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    Blues progressions (licks, analysis, and pentatonic patterns)

    To get things rolling again Rob here is a terrible pic of a new trio the pianist and myself were forming roughly about 55 years ago, we were auditioning drummers this guy was the only one to to start with brushes he got the job.
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    You just gotta laff

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    Is anyone there?????

    How about this for a bargain, are you tempted :crazy:
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    Why I don't like Haydn - and why he is a underrated composer

    I was there but in my company vehicle we go under the name of TIT Co. Delivering a load of Haydn CDs.
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    How's Your Weather?

    Aw shucks John are you sure this is not more your style
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    Blast from the past

    My very first LP a 10 inch LP mono, no date on it but I would guess late 50s early 60s, could not get all of it in the scanner, still plays ok and good music.
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    An outsider’s view of the American Election.

    I have just watched on TV the address given by Bernie Sanders at the Democrat convention and at last I have worked out what the Democrats stand for. I am amazed that he was not chosen as the candidate he speaks much better than Hillary and the values that he is championing seem to lean more to...
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    My first smart phone “Help"

    I am having an issue with data usage on my Samsung Galaxy J2, as far as I am aware I have not purchased any data yet I have received a message saying that I have been busy? upon checking my usage it shows that for the period May 17th - June 16th data used is 61.7MB and approx $10 has been...
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    The do you remember thread for oldies

    I was going through some of my old books and came across this does it ring any bells?
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    Hello! New member here!

    John don't you mean Brunhilde as in Wagner..
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    How's Your Weather?

    Why not wear a peaked Cap aka Golf Hat you can turn that easily and quickly in any position?
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    Apparently the words that I used and the way I used them are counted as Tags? See notice below. These are words that would be used a lot on any music forum?? I just don't get it
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    Which TV?

    I am looking for a new TV, min 50 inch WiFi built in so that I can access www via modem and it must support separate speakers through its own amplifier to give decent sound. At the moment I have a Samsung and the only complaint is the poor sound quality it will run separate speakers but only...