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  1. Why 32 notes pedalboard?

    Hello all What is the real or potential use of a 32 notes pedalboard? What was the RATIONALE or arguments AGO experts proposed to recommend extend the pedal from the classical and europeans 30 to 32 noes? Or it was the result of a committee whim? 30 notes will suffice to cover almost all...
  2. Bach-8 little - old edition fingered - Free

    Hello all, I would like to share with you an old edition not available in IMSLP, which contains Bach's 8 Little Preludes and Fugues (from pag. 16) among other big works.. Although is kind of a romantic edition (1904), I consider is convenient for us the amateurs who haven't had access to...
  3. BWV 569 old edition

    Hello All: I like very much this sheet music of BWV 569 for its fingering indications and interpretation marks: I was told (by Joyce Jones) that it is from a very old edition (and out of fashion), but I would like to know to WHICH BACH´S WORKS EDITION it...
  4. FEIKE Asma´s beautiful choral partituur-sheet music download

    Komt als kind'ren van het licht You may download this beautiful piece in: And you can listen it played by the composer himself in: ENJOY it, as I do. (Although I am a senior (+60), when I grow up I like to play...

    If we were asked by extraterrestrial visitors about the # 1 pipe organ in the world to take a look at it, what would be your choice? I would take them -in their own flying saucer, of course- to Australia:cool:: Sydney Opera House. Why? Mechanics, sound, size. Just look...
  6. Excellent free organ lessons

    We amateur organist almost never have the opportunity to learn from professionals. But recently I found a page hosted by Dr. Vidas Pinkevicius which offers interesting lessons and wise teachings and advices on organ art playing. The link is: Luis Manizales Colombia
  7. Hauptwerk -ADVANCED

    I know that most organ-fans are not wealthy business man. Every penny counts. So I got gladly the new HW4 Basic edition ($249) so I could play St. Anne organ -an another free organs- in all its splendor. And in fact, I did: it sounds like the the real organ. Marvelously. But after that...
  8. Tips for amateur organists, like me

    I´d like to share some important advices for studying a new piece, learned at Baylor U. with Joyce Jones (and also with Pascal Marseault, from France) 1. After a global and analytical survey, sub-divide the piece in short sections, and when a section is dominated, go to the next, and then join...
  9. a +100 years old Spanish tracker still breathing

    Hello organ enthusiastics. If you like to know the 100 years old spanish organ I try to keep alive, you may visit:
  10. Adeste fideles

    sheet music
  11. Bwv 540

    What is the "authentic" tempo for Bach´s toccata in F major?. My opinios is that it should be playe in a moderate tempo, so that its melodic lines may be heard clearly, but most of the greatest organists play it in a hurry.
  12. I'm Luis

    Hello every organ enthusiastics. I am also new in the forum (I am from Manizales, Colombia) If you like to know the mores than 100 years old spanish trackter I try to keep alive, you my visit: am also new in the forum.
  13. old spanish organ

    Hello every organ enthusiastics: If you like to know the mores than 100 years old spanish trackter I try to keep alive, you my visit: