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    Pipe organs in the movies?

    Anyone- Am I confused in thinking there was a thread on this forum about either movie scores that had pipe organ, or "pipe organs in the movies"? Inquiring minds want to know! Roger
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    Tzvi Erez plays Franz Liszt's Liebesträume Notturno No. 3 on a Bosendorfer

    I have a couple of this gentleman's CDs and think he's quite good. What do you folks think?
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    Fujica ST701 35mm camera

    I recently acquired this camera, which was owned by my late father. I am looking forward to learning some photography basics with this camera, but I am hard-pressed to find compatible lenses. The camera uses an M42 type screw mount. Any sources for lenses you photographer types can suggest? (I'm...
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    Two pianists worthy of attention...

    ...and not just because they play Bosendorfers (though that's a good reason too)! Tzvi Erez: Valentina Lisitsa...
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    Stephen Tharp plays Mulet "Tu Es Petra"

    Absolutely jaw-dropping! But why call it Tu Es PETRUS?
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    Todd Wilson recital

    Monday night (03/09/2009) I had the great pleasure of attending a recital given by organist Todd Wilson at St. John's Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC. He played, among other things, Lynwood Farnham's arrangement the Dupre' Cortege et Litanie (with which I was not previously familiar), J.S...
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    Greetings from the U S of A....

    Hi all! Roger here, otherwise known as mathetes1963. Been on this forum for a bit but haven't gotten around to formally introducing myself. So by way of introduction, let me begin by stating that my musical tastes are wide-spread and eclectic: Classical Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque...