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    Fugue on "See the conquering hero comes"

    A version 2020 of this fugue composed in 2011. Listen here
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    Funeral March

    This is a new recording of a march I composed 7 or 8 years ago for the organ of Mostoles (Spain). This recording is made on the virtual organ of Giubiasco.
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    Tierce Partie

    A piece easy to play. Opus vpx-423
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    Mini toccata in D major

    Easy to play toccata, opus vpx-413. The pedal part is not mandatory but of course it is better if you can play it.
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    Oraison time

    Hello. I have been absent for a long time on this forum and I am sorry. Here I am back with lots of new compositions. <span style="font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 28px; white-space: pre-wrap; background-color: rgb(248, 249, 250);"> I have been absent for a long time on this forum and...
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    Stai con me (Marzia Gaggioli)

    Hello. Sometimes I compose Something different than organ music. Today I would like to present you my talented friend Marzia Gaggioli singing "Stai con me", a music I wrote specially for her. Marzia is the author of the lyrics.
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    Christmas Toccata

    Hi dear friend. Tonight I have the pleasure to present you a new toccata. Free PDF sheet music here
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    five short fantasias (part 2)

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    Five short fantasia over French Xmas carols

    Hello I am back again, with 5 small pièces easy to play for Xmas.
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    Fugue en La mineur

    Here is the fugue coming with the toccata in A minor. The sheet music is available from my site and from
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    Toccata en la mineur

    Here is another toccata composed in June 2016.
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    Toccata en fa

    Hello, I am back with a few new compositions. Here is my latest toccata recorded with the nice sampleset of the organ of Dluga .
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    Prelude for the Holy Friday

    Hello Here is a modern composition for the offices of the Holy Friday.
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    Requiem for Paris's victims

    LES LARMES DE PARIS A short music I wrote today for all the people wounded or killed last wednesday in Paris. ~
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    Wedding March in G

    Hello Here is a piece I composed 7 years ago, but recorded last week on Notre-Dame de Laeken (Belgium) virtual organ.