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  1. Forthcoming CD recording in London - which organ would you recommend?

    Sadly the instrument at Charterhouse is destined to be destroyed and replaced with something different.
  2. EOCS meeting on Sunday demonstrating Hauptwerk through interesting speakers

    Hi! A few years ago I decided that within our monthly concerts I should put the King of Instruments onto the concert platform with a repertoire which our 10 rank pipe organ could not demonstrate. So I acquired the temporary instrument that served Londonderry Cathedral for a dozen years . . . It...
  3. Cavaille Col and Silbermann Ahlborn Archive chipset wanted

    Hi! I am using Ahlborn units with which I'm very pleased and would be very interested if anyone has a Silbermann or Cavaille Coll chipset availabe. Many thanks Best wishes David Pinnegar
  4. UK organs in SERIOUS danger - home for small 3 manual URGENTLY REQUIRED

    Hi! Increasingly philistines fail to appreciate the King of Instruments and lack of proper public appreciation of the organ in the UK makes people happy to throw out pipe organs and electronic manufacturers clock up pages on their websites of pipe organs that their commercial wares have...
  5. Concerned for loss of heritage

    Hi! I first heard an organ when my grandmother took me to church at the age of 5. And then I wanted one in the house. That was a problem. Three harmoniums later at the age of 14 finally I got to learn the organ and play a wonderful 3 manual at school. Then at the age of 15 I used a little money...