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    The "fly music" soundtrack. What do you think ?

    A very strange atmosphere from the "fly music" concept. No melody, no harmony, no rhythm, no structure. Just mixed textures that produce a special mood, sometimes scaring.. what's your feeling ?
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    Ryuchi Sakamoto

    Hello, My favourite soundtrack is the Sakamoto's composition for "The last emperor" by director B.Bertolucci. This music is brilliant and mixes, with talent, the traditional chinese instruments and the western classical symphonic orchestra. We remember Ryuichi Sakamoto as the famous composer...
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    Mozart's big mass in C minor / Analysis

    Why am I so fascinated by the Mozart's big mass in C minor ? Probably because it is a perfect synthesis between classical harmony and baroque counterpoint. Then probably because we discover the real Mozart, the deep musician, far away from this "galant" style so often evocated by musicologs. And...
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    Hello from France

    Hello everybody ! I'm a professionnal composer & producer and I would be very happy to discuss music with you guys, in terms of technical or estetical matters. see you there ! :grin: