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    Manzoni's "Sacred Hymns": a Choral Music for "La Pentecoste"

    Not all know that Alessandro Manzoni, the Italian writer of "The Betrothed" ("I promessi sposi") wrote several "sacred hymns" upon the most important catholic festivities. However, he left uncomplete the work, writing only five out of twelve poems. When I read at them, I said: it is poetry...
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    Have to buy an electronic organ. What?

    My teacher says I should buy an electronic organ. Now, I am starting studying organ and I actually don't know anything about them. Could you give me some advice? I don't need a super one, it's in order to study (2 manuals and pedalboard). Do you think it is better the radial or the straight...
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    MuseScore, the free composition software!

    Have you ever heard about MuseScore? It's a free music composition and notation software and now it is at version 1.0 It's as good as Sibelius or Finale, it is WYSIWYG, no limits of staffs (as Finale notepad), fast notes insertion, import/export from MusicXML and also MIDI files, very good...
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    Passed piano exam

    :D:):D:trp::trp::trp:Saturday I've passed my piano exam:D:):) I have scored 9.5/10. I played a Duvernoy's study, a Bach's invention, a Clementi's sonatina and the Merry Pleasant from the Schumann's Album for the youth. Next year I'am studying organ...
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    Stop game

    I will write a stop, and you must write another starting with the final letter of mine. Example: Soubasse - Eufonio Every language is allowed. If anyone believes that a stop doesn't exist, he must see on the Organ Stops Encyclopedia and, if it doesn't exist, he must cut 10 reputation points...
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    Stop combinations

    Can you write here your favourites stop combinations? I like a lot flauto 8' bordone 8' flautino 2'(Can you link stop's name to the Organ Stops Encyclopedia?:))
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    Gregorian chant

    What are you thinking about gregorian chant? I love it. I'd that in masses and offices gregorian chant must be compulsory. My favourite gregorian songs are the hymns "Pange Lingua" and "Veni Creator Spiritus", all the sequences (Veni Sancte Spiritus, Stabat mater, Lauda Sion, Dies Irae and...
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    My nickname is the name of a organ which is in a church in my village. I play the piano and the pipe organ (in some ferials masses). My favourite composers are Bach and Mozart, and the work that I prefer is the Mozart's Requiem. I like also gregorian chant. I live in Castelleone, in the north of...