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    A Son Never Forgets

    Teo, thanks for your gracious notes. Sorry it took me years to acknowledge!
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    Rob Watson Organ Concert

    Listen folks, I know this guy through a mutual musician friend. You want to take the time to enjoy this concert. It's a memorial service devoted to...
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    New Hymn

    recorded this recently... first time using an audio interface (Scarlett 4i4)
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    Mijn Kleine Lieveling (My Little Darling)

    Written for our daughters when they were pipsqueaks and recorded about 30 years ago. The title is Dutch like their mama.
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    A Son Never Forgets

    song for my elderly dad 1st stanza intro 2nd stanza young boy make believe 3rd stanza young boy reality 4th stanza grown boy reality 5th stanza old son fantasy
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    Standing In A Black Man's Blues

    This link is for a song I wrote and sang. A couple talented guys did all the guitars, bass and drums... and recording & editing. The song combines a garage band blues song from 45 yrs ago for which I could never get the lyrics, with a poem I wrote 9 yrs ago for which I could never get a tune...
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    Dig Here Said the Angel by Daniel Amos, Stunt Records 2013

    Sorry this is dated but I didn't think of posting here earlier. It is is on my blog found at this link: Hope it makes you curious in this great band.
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    Dig Here Said the Angel by Daniel Amos

    After a successful Kickstarter campaign, this veteran (ca 1975) Christian band has recorded a new CD. Please follow the link below to my review of the advanced release. I'll post links to clips as they are made available...
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    Daniel Amos or Terry S. Taylor

    Checking for a favorite band's website. They said Denmark is the 9th most frequent country in their database. Anyone familiar with the band "Daniel Amos" or with Terry S. Taylor's music? I've pasted in their complete list: #1 - Canada #2 - The UK #3 - Australia #4 - The Netherlands #5 -...
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    Animusic - Midi Motion

    Worth a visit:
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    International Humor?

    Gareth's question and the responses regarding the worst humor got me to thinking, who would you put forward as an international humorist if any one? While musicians and movie stars and directors appear to have some interest in what folks do in other countries, it seems comedians are mainly...
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    Sound Forge

    Anyone have experience, opinions about Sony's Sound Forge software?
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    Recently enjoyed several pieces written by Finzi featuring the clarinet ("Bagatelles", etc.). A few questions surfaced: Are some organ pipes basically designed to replicate the tonal qualities of the various woodwinds and horns? Some clarinet soloists create beautiful long notes that swell and...
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    New candidate for smallest organ?
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    How do I make an avatar that is the right size to use from regular digital photos?