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    Unbelievable ear training demonstration and a related question

    The ABRSM sets aural tests as part of its practical music exams. They are designed to help students develop a sense of tonality and a music ear. By the time you get to Grade 8 you will be asked to " identify the cadence at the end of a continuing phrase as perfect, imperfect, interrupted or...
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    Another TC'er coming over.

    I've been on TC for a number of years and after seeing all the people from MIMF coming over, decided to see what it's like here. Nice. I took up piano in retirement and enjoy classical music.
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    Gaelic Singing - Celtic Ceol

    Singing in Gaelic - seinn Ghàidhlig in Scots, canu gân in Welsh or amhránaíocht Ghaeilge in Irish is becoming a way of expressing one's identity. Even Sean nós - old style Irish song - is now back in fashion. The aim of this thread is to explore the various traditions of gaelic song. One of the...