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  • Teddy, from now on when I post to you or Mike, I'll stay with this color. Thanx for the heads up. Steve
    Teddy, Thanx indeed for the encouraging words! My son the computer whiz--also named Ted, by the way--will sit down with me and try to help me learn to navigate better thru lastfm and youtube.:eek::shake: Then , hopefully, when/if spotify does ever arrive on this side of the Atlantic, I'll be ready for it.:grin: Just keep your fingers crossed for me.:smirk: Steve p.s. Is this color ok for you?
    Hi Teddy. It looks as if I was a little bit premature in touting how"great" lastfm is, or else I guess it's just that I'm having trouble so far in navigating thru all its features, particularly those which would allow me to share links with and send them to my fellow members. Apparently--unless I misunderstand,which is quite possible--one can only sample the music in 30 second snippets rather than the whole piece or album. Anyway what I'll end up doing--as always with computer "issues"--is presenting the problem(s) to my son who is truly a genius when it comes to these matters.:up::banana: The other option, I guess is to look into youtube and determining if that is an easier way to share on-line.:confused::grin: Anyway, I hope all is well with you and yours and look forward to hearing from you soon. :cheers::cheers: Steve
    Teddy, I took our friend DorsetMike's advice and checked out lastfm.com, which is available out here in the "Wild West"; suffice it to say that I do not know how much better Spotify could be, although I would like to try it as well once it becomes accessible here in America. As I told Mike, once I get a little more acclimated in regards to navigating around it, I should be able to start sharing music clips with you and other members; hopefully, that won't be too long, although I am very klutzy with computers and their various tools. :rolleyes: Anyway, thanks again for your outreach effort on my behalf. It was most kind and decent of you to show such interest; I only hope that I can repay the favor someday!:cheers: Steve. p,s.if you don't mind me asking, how is your eye? Did you ever have that operation, or are you still waiting? Anyway,ciao for now and I hope you and your family are safe and warm on this chilly winter's night.:wave::cheers:
    Teddy, re:spotify. Thanx ever so much and I'll be looking forward to your post if you can get any further 411 on it. Ciao for now, Steve.:wave: p.s. No objection to your posting on the main forum; post away:grin:
    Hi Teddy and how are you? I tried to get on Spotify, but apparently it is not yet available to users in America at this juncture unless they are invited by an already existing member in another country. If you know anything about this and want to invite me in, I'll be quite happy to accept.:) The site informed that it would apprise me at my email address when this service becomes available in the United States. Anyway, cheers for now.:cheers: Steve
    Hi Teddy, how are you? I sampled some of BJH on Amazon. To me, they more or less sound like a paler and weaker version of the Moody Blues with some tweaking here and there. Maybe it was just the cuts that were available on the site, which were basically from their "Best OF" album.:rolleyes: I know that traditionally, most "best of" samplings of any group are usually not as good or strong as that group's individual albums, so I will try and listen to some more of their work.:cool: As regards Spotify, my son is out for the evening so I will put that on the back burner and get back to you. Hope to hear from you soon, Steve.:up: p.s. I just want to make sure that this color is easier on the peepers.:smirk: If I don't hear anything negative from you in this regard, I'll take that as a YES.:banana:
    Teddy, thanx for the 411 on spotify; I'll have to look further into it by asking my son, who is the computer whiz around here.:rolleyes: I'll get back to you on that and also BJH, which I am going to sample later tonite on Amazon.com.:banana:
    Teddy, I am so sorry.:cry: :cry: Does this color work any better for you? wk.. p. s. Am still looking into BJH.,.
    Teddy, thanks so much for your kind words and sentiments.:tiphat: I will keep posting to you and Mike in this color; any problems, just let me know and I'll switch to another color. Ciao for now, Steve.:wave:
    Teddy, by the term "default", to which color ink are you referring?:confused: Let me know and in future I will use that in my posts both to you and to the forum as a whole. Thanx, Steve.:cheers:
    Teddy, sorry for the choice of green in my last 2 posts.:cry::eek: How is this sienna motif working for you?:confused: Or would you prefer yellow? Please let me know if you need me to switch. Anything for the old peepers.:cool: Ciao for now :wave:. Steve . p.s.thanx so much for your compliment: I do hope that I am "bringing something to the table" vis a vis this forum. Peace and out. WK.:cheers:
    Thanks for your message and concern. It is a problem with quite a few members. Your message to me came out as green on black, and was therefore unreadable untill highlited. I will try and demonstarte here but it may not work. have not had much time on here lately but will try and reply to some of your posts. It is great to have new members aboard like yourself to re-invigorate old threads and breath some new ideas into the forum

    Teddy: I just came across your post re: colors and the difficulty you have in discerning some over others. I apologize for not having come upon it sooner:cry: Just let me know if this color is better for the old peepers or if you would prefer another one, and in future I'll be sure to use it when posting to you.:wave:Anyway, ciao for now and please be in touch. Your friend, Steve.:cheers:
    Teddy, I am so sorry to hear about Intet's untimely death: thank you for letting me know. Sincerely, Steve aka white knight
    oh, thanks Teddy.. I didn't realise that.. sigh :D I am new to this so I panic when something goes wrong lolz I cannot even post a picture
    hi there listen i have updated my link now it works well
    i hope you could tell me the soundtrack if you know it
    thanks for now and bye
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