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    Unknown Music

    For anyone struggling to identify a piece of music I have recently downloaded a FREE APP called Track ID. My phone is an ANDROID so it should be available to anyone with a smart phone. Install the app, play it a piece of music and it will identify it. Very useful. and should cure a lot of...
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    Windows 10

    Having moved up to Windows 7 due to the lack of support for XP I have now upgraded to 10 (free of course) . 8 was rubbish as far as I was concerned but now I am getting the hang of 10 I must admit it has a lot of good points, especially as it seems to run faster. Updates fly in and it has some...
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    Op Norf

    Just finished reloading and transferring to my new (second hand) laptop and I'm away to Stockport on a business trip. Unlikely to post before Thursday. Will you miss me????????? My jazz collection is in a mess but I have found albums I had forgotten I had, so some good has come of it. Have a...
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    Just When You Thought It Was Safe.........

    Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the forum,,,,,Well I'm back. Various trips to various hospitals and my wife incarcerated as well and then on crutches for a months. Oh life has been fun. So I am back. With lots of wit, education and knowledge. Or maybe I will stay as I was. teddy
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    Came acroos this description the other day FOOLGAUGE, Looking at the temperature gauge in the car, rather than the fuel gauge. Yes Mike, we are looking at you. Got any more? teddy
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    The End of an Era

    The milkman, who has already cut his deliveries down from six days a week to three has now announced that milk will no longer be delivered in glass bottles, but now will be in plastic containers. As someone who can remember milk delivered from a churm into the womens milk jugs I feel that this...
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    Well, I have finally (?) and officially retired. At least for the moment. I cannot see it lasting long partly because it would mean me becoming a house husband and partly because I want another BMW and I have my eye (I only have one working) on a black 5 series estate. I will try and get the...
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    Funny Pictures (Got fun pics? Post 'em here :)

    Be careful what you wish for teddy
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    Useless Facts

    A place for all those usless bits of information, which just might come in useful one day. No. 1 Wellinton Public Library in New Zealand holds a copy of Last Day In Limbo. A Modesty Blaise story by by Peter ODonnell Just thought you would like to know. teddy
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    Holidays- Are you going anywhere?

    Well, back to reality. The village this year was very small and quiet, but only two minutes drive from St Pargoire which has plenty of local shops. We had a very quiet location overlooking the countryside, but with plenty of houses near by (but not too near). There was a small shop, a very...
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    Fathers Day

    A happy fathers day to all you who celebrate it. As a special treat today I was allowed to cut the front hedges. Lucky me. Also lucky that it rained just as I was finishing. ;) teddy
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    What do you think about the 2013 prediction? Sorry, only kidding teddy
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    Amazing Stunts

    This is the most amazing pole dancing I have ever seen. Be warned. It may not be what you expect. teddy
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    A very happy birthday to John Watt. Trust the day is full of music. teddy
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    What do you think is the most pathetic, gutless thing your goverment has ever done? Answers on a postcard please. teddy