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  • Unfortuneately it is just as bad. As the messages come up on a dark background you have to highlight before reading. I would stick to the default if I were you Steve.


    Hi WK,

    thank you for the friend request! Unfortunately I can visit MIMF these days...Could we be friends on Facebook?:)
    Cheers Andrew:)
    The pleasure is mine, WK. And as you've probably noticed, we have a bunch of friendly people in our little community. So it's a pleasure to hang around. Be well and have fun.
    :wave: Hi Krummhorn and thanks for your timely and informative reply to my "green dot" query. Here's wishing you and yours a safe and healthy holiday season. Peace and out: White Knight. :cheers:
    Hi Mike and thanks for the info on Ruby Braff. I listened to some of his work on amazon and found him to be a very lyrical and soulful player. Are you at all familiar with the American trumpeters Donald Byrd and Lee Morgan? I would especially recommend Byrd's "Fuego" cd and Morgan's "Search For The New Land" as great exemplars of both their compositional as well as playing abilities. Perhaps you could listen to these cds(or at any rate bits of them) on amazon.com. Anyway, goodbye for now. Here's wishing you and yours a healthy and Happy Thanksgiving.:) Peace and out.
    Hi Dorsetmike and thanks for your reply to my newest thread . I am still doing further inquiry into this fascinating topic. Peace and happy holidays to you and your family.Hope to hear from you again- White Knight
    :) Hi OLDUDE and thanx for accepting my offer of friendship; I am equally as honored by your acceptance of same. What kind of jazz do you enjoy listening to? I note that you are a veteran poster. Maybe you can give me some tips as to how to start a new thread in which my fellow members will be really interested in and respond to. My one and only foray into this ( "What is jazz?) has gotten a grand total of 17 responses since I posted it on my join date of 11-11-10:eek: Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you soon. My first name is Steve. Peace and out.
    Dear Frederik and family: I am very sorry to hear of your loss of a family member at such a young age. Please accept my condolences and all my respect. Sincerely, Stephen Marcus{white knight}. Peace
    Hi White Knight,
    I love your self-data. I'm honoured to be a friend.
    please let me know your 1st name. It makes friendship more comfortable.
    Sorry not to pick up your MN but if you check my recent posts you will see it is all the fault of Apple
    I noticed you replied to a thread by intet. Unfortunately he was killedin a car accident a little while back round about the time I joined the forum. I believe he was very well thought of and had many friends here.

    Hi everyone! Thank you for welcoming me into your family. I am white knight from NYC. I have just retired after working some thirty years in law enforcement. I have recently really gotten back into listening to jazz and now remember why I enjoyed it so much when I was younger: its creativity, spirit and ability to evoke different moods is just awesome.If anybody out there heard Lament from the Donald Byrd cd Fuego or Que Pasa {both versions} from Horace Silver's Song for my Father cd, I believe that my point is made. I am looking forward to sharing and interacting with the rest of this community about our experiences with this great art form. Peace and be in touch.
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