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    Latest Classical Music CD or Album Purchases

    I have noticed that, unlike our sister music forum, Talk Classical, we have no thread dedicated solely to our recent acquisitions of classical music. Rather, this genre is "lumped together" with others under the more generic "latest purchases" thread. Thus, in order to bring more clarity to...
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    Outrage in Britain

    I can't get my head around the fact that an innocent British soldier was slaughtered in broad daylight whist on his way back to barracks on a busy London street. And then his killer--another self-styled "jihadist"--has the temerity to mug for the cameras --weapon still in hand--and brag about...
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    Worst CD/Vinyl Covers

    I'm not sure if this thread already exists here, but I noticed it on one of the other music forums to which I belong, and it seems to be an interesting topic. So, I'll start off by nominating one of my favorite jazz musicians and units {btw, it may be from any genre of music you wish}. The...
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    Future Classical CD Purchases

    So, what do you think will be your next classical music purchase? As for myself, I am tempted to pull the trigger on: Gustav Mahler--The Complete Symphonies {Box Set}, 2008 re-mastered on Sony Imports, featuring the New York Philharmonic and Maestro Bernstein. What about you?
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    Death and The Human Condition

    If you were given the option to know in advance the date certain of your own demise, would you choose to use it? Or, do you believe that we are better off as things stand at present, not really knowing, at least in most instances? Do you think that as a species in general, human beings as a...
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    Works Which Can Move You To Tears

    Again, borrowing a concept from our sister forum over at Talk Classical, I would like us to submit and share with our fellow members those pieces of music--be they clasical, jazz, prog rock etc. etc.--from any musical genre which can move you to tears due to its sheer emotion and beauty. I wish...
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    SOS In Finding a Good Classical Music Appreciation Book

    I need the help of my more learned colleagues on this forum in finding a relatively decent book or guide to help me in my listening abilieies to better appreciate classical music. I am considering buying The Vintage Guide to Classical Music by Jan Swafford. I am also pondering purchasing books...
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    R.I. P. Peter Falk

    R. I. P. Peter Falk I just learned that one of my favorite actors of all time--Peter Falk--has died at the age of 84. May you rest in peace Mr. Falk. The enjoyment you provided to myself and millions of others around the world with your portrayal of Columbo will never be forgotten nor...
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    Listening to Classical Music

    I have noticed that since I really started to listen to and appreciate classical music for the first time in my life--over the past 2 months or so--that I also seem to have developed a more "discerning ear"--for want of a better term--when it comes to listening to jazz, which is really my...
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    Rating The Jazz Piece Above Me

    On our sister forum, "Talk Classical" I noticed a thread started by one of its members recently with the above title, and it causes a lot of participation and sharing among the members. How it works is one puts forth a jazz piece from you tube or another accessible link, and the next poster...
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    Progressive Rock Today and Yesterday

    Is today's current incarnation of progressive rock similiar or different from that of what we "old timers" who remember how it was in the sixties, seventies and eighties? I would daresay that many of us who grew up listening to the likes of Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Yes, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull...
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    What Progressive Rock Did You Buy Today

    What Progressive Rock Did You Buy Today? I would like to start a new section in this Forum, as I just realized that it doesn't have a similiarly dedicated thread--as do Classical and Jazz--regarding what prog rock a member bought or received on a specific day. I apologize in advance if such a...
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    Improving[hopefully] "Rating Improvisation"

    Improving {hopefully} "Rating Improvisation" In an effort to render my original 11-18-10 thread on jazz improvisation conciser and easier to follow, I will simply pose the following question: Should a piece of jazz music be "judged" as "successful" or not by using the criterion of trying to...
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    Daily Prog Rock Update

    What prog rock did you listen to today?
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    Health Care

    As most of the world knows, this country is undergoing many debates and possible changes in the next few years[ assuming the President's reform package isn't scuttled] vis a vis many aspects of our health care system and its effectiveness and availability to the majority of Americans...