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  1. jvhldb

    Anglican music help please!

    There is a funeral at the local Anglican church tomorrow and they can't find an organist in time and I can't learn the music before then (I'm a DRC organist in training). Is their a website where they can download the backing tracks/recordings for 1) I vow to thee, my country (Thaxted??) 2)...
  2. jvhldb

    Organ tunning/training

    Does anynone have any suggestions on how I would find somebody to teach me BASIC organ tunning an maintenance in South Africa? We have a lot of problems getting our organ properly tuned and the church decided that they will pay for me to do a basic course in organ tuning.
  3. jvhldb

    Looking for a website

    Some time ago I stumbled on a website about an organ. I bookmarked the website, intending to go back later, but I lost the link when I had to format my PC. All I can remember is that the organ had 2 consols, a mechanical consol attached to the organ and a loose consol, in the shape of a...
  4. jvhldb

    Scales and Arpeggios

    I have several questions regarding scales and arpeggios. Firstly, is it worth learning them? My teacher consider them unecessary unless they are required for exams. Are there any free websites where I can get the pedal scales? I found the piano scales with fingering, but I can't find...
  5. jvhldb

    Religious repertoire

    Again I need help. I've started relieving the regular organists at the two local Dutch Reformed Chruches in town. As my teacher is one of the organists it was easy compiling a list of music that will work for most services, so I don't have to learn seven new chorals every week. My problem...
  6. jvhldb

    Marches des Rogations - Eugene Gigout

    I'm looking for a sound file of "Marche des Rogations", composed by Eugene Gigout. Can anybody help? :p
  7. jvhldb

    Funeral help

    I got roped into playing for a funeral on Wednesday:o. Any advice on what to do, not to do? Both the regular organists are out of town this week, so I can't ask them for help. Is there any music that I can play before the service (something EASY that can be learned in less than 24 hours)?
  8. jvhldb

    Technical advice

    I guess this question has been asked and answered before. With the season changes our pipe oran in church is starting to go "wacky", cyphers on a daily basis, pipes so out of tune that it seems like they belong in anothe rank of their own, pipes with the wind blowing through them like a storm...
  9. jvhldb

    Song identification

    I'm looking for the name of a very old song, all I can remember is that the chorus had the words "come what may, we believe in tomorrow" in it. It is not the song written by Ewan McGregor from Moulin Rouge, the one I'm looking for is older, probably from the 60's or 70's. Can anybody help?
  10. jvhldb

    Ars Organi help

    :pray:Does anybody know where I can still get hold of an Ars Organi, Vol 1? Preverably a downloadable version. According to the music stores in SA it's been out of print for some time and I can't get hold of one localy.