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  1. Fretless

    Personal opera and choral listening project

    So, I have always been bothered by my own prejudices and troubles getting into opera and vocal music in general. I studied a bunch of it in music school and I've played orchestrally in many arias and recitatives but not whole operas. Anyways, my close colleague got me a subscription to Opera...
  2. Fretless

    Just purchased this

    Complete Works for Organ by Jehan Alain, played by Marie-Clair Alain I hope it's good. The YouTube samples I found were very good, and I don't even recall how I got on to his work, but it grabbed me right away. I'm looking for other...
  3. Fretless


    My real name is Greg and I've been playing the violin for about 28 years. I'm a public school music teacher and conduct a local youth orchestra. I also play in the local symphonies when I can. I love a wide range of music, but my two favorite areas are probably Classical and Metal. I've...