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  1. Muza

    Current News

    A genie in the bottle..... I hear Florida being mentioned a lot in the news these days connected to all kinds of things, and it never stops to amuse me. Check this out - A Florida man bottles up and sells ghosts to the public. He says that his ghostbusters collect ghosts from all over the...
  2. Muza

    Unusual foods

    I just watched a movie clip about this fruit, mangosteen. :) Once you open the fruit, it looks weird (my first impression was - garlic), but those who tried it describe it as creamy and citrusy, a blend of peach and a pineapple. It is found in South East Asia and South America. It may not be...
  3. Muza

    Is our music going 80s???

    Hi Guys, I was just looking around myself and have been noticing how various aspects of our lives have been turning back to 80s. For instance, fashion nowadays is very 80s - the styles, the accessories, etc. Similar observation could be made for other things as well. Seeing this brought me...
  4. Muza

    Karl Jenkins

    How would you categorize Karl Jenkins' music - would that be contemporary classical music???
  5. Muza

    Evgenia Rubinova - An Astounding Young Artist

    Hey Guys I accidentally discovered Evgenia on YouTube and wanted to share!!! She is an amazing pianist with absolutely astounding interpretations of every piece that she plays. She breathes in life, feelings, emotions into the music and truly turns a sheet of notes into a moving and...
  6. Muza

    Hello all :)

    Greetings all, My name is Elena. Im on this forum for just about 5 minutes now, but Im already liking it - I think its going to be a lot of fun. Im looking forward to a lot of interesting people to meet and things to read/learn and possibly share ;).