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    The Future Now

    You spent your entire life seeking a music - a music that defies description - a music that lifts your heart and brings you closer to out of the liminal and into the numinous. You suffered ridicule, rejection, ostracism, and now also great poverty and betrayal, your own people do not know you...
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    The Music Of Greatest Vision Has Come To Me

    :my entire body of work can be listened to online for free at You can also download my albums in 24bit, FLAC or mp3 formats there. My latest album "Songs From The Breastbone Drum" has been extensively reviewed and praised at...
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    New Critical Rave Review For New Artist Here

    Now, Why Is This Music Important? We are living at a time of great crisis, opportunity, and change. It is accompanied by great mass scale suffering, the likes of which is unprecedented in world history. I choose to create music that is not only a reflection of this, but is suggestive of a cure...
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    Rave Review At Site

    A critical, indepth, and rave review of "Songs From The Breastbone Drum' by Domina Catrina Lee has just been written on Go read here: Very honoured to be so recognised by the international level journalist who covers all...
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    Review But Would Prefer...

    ...Purchases instead - to be honest. It is the first link below. A growing catalog of brave new music.
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    FUSION: Food or Music?

    There was once a time when fusion meant 13/8 and heavily distorted guitars and wah-wah trumpets. That it signified a new genre of music. Nowadays I say 'fusion' to people and they say ' food'. East West food. Chinese fried Italian spagetti in Indian spices, that sort of thing. Wouldnt you...
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    An Allan Holdsworth-like Guitar Tone...From Acoustic Guitar?

    Possible. What sounds like an emulation of Allan Holdsworth-esque guitar tone derived from adding tasteful plug-ins to a recorded acoustic guitar in the song 'The Story So Far'. As per Holdsworth, experimentation is key. One does not require...
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    For jazzheads-analysis of michael brecker

    Short but pointed analysis of Michael Brecker's lines at: Short but pointed analysis of Michael Brecker's lines at: by yours truly. ____________ Catrina
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    Left Handed Music

    I wonder if there is such a thing, and how would it sound like? Would the artist be from some far away land, say, Singapore? And would it fuse jazz improvisations with progressive rock and ambient structures in a pan global context? I wonder.... Perhaps I m her, and you could find me at...