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    Happy birthday Sgt Pepper!

    The Beatles' album that is often claimed to have changed popular music forever is 50 years old on June 1, so I don't think the day should pass without a mention on this forum. Interestingly, it actually sounds fresher than most of what I hear on pop radio stations today.
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    Penguin Cafe

    Any fans of this ensemble, or their predecessor outfit Penguin Cafe Orchestra? Interesting music that's hard to describe, you just need to seek it out and listen for yourself. It won't be everyone's cup of tea. Kind of unstructured, but I find it rather enjoyable to listen to. I see Penguin...
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    Steven Wilson

    I think this man merits his own thread, and since he does not seem to have one, I'm starting one. People may know him as the singer and frontman for the band Porcupine Tree, which now appears to be on permanent hiatus. The fact is however that PT is just one of many of his projects over the...
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    Editing my post

    I cannot seem to find a way to edit my own post. Is there no way, or have I just not found the relevant button? Some forums place a time limit on editing, some don't, but this is the first one on which there seems to be no editing facility. No matter how carefully I eyeball my posts before I...
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    Bobbing up from Down Under

    My user name tells my location. :) I have been "into" music for as long as I can remember. I used to play a mean piano, but these days my music appreciation consists mostly of listening. Main love is progressive rock of the "symphonic" variety, but i also like lots of other musical styles...