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    Prelude “Shall We Gather at the River” arrangement by Aaron Copland

    Hi All I trust that you are well and safe. I am looking for the following sheet music, please. I have been searching but could not find it. Prelude “Shall We Gather at the River” arrangement by Aaron Copland Does anyone perhaps have it to provide...
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    God be with you till we meet again EL Ashford

    HI, Does anyone have the sheetmusic for "God be with you till we meet again by E.L. Ashford or anything similiar apart from the normal hymn? I have a included a youtube link. I read in the YT comments that the music is out of print. Thanks in advance.
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    Five Hymn Improvisations for Weddings and General Use - Paul Manz

    Hello All I have been searching to buy the "Five Hymn Improvisations for Wedding and General Use by Paul Manz", where I can download it via digital format. The cost for the shipping to my country is very expensive. The shipping cost is much more then the cost of the books. The pieces I need...
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    Organ favorites byHarold DeCou

    Hello I am looking for the following sheet music: Organ favorites of Harold DeCou I have been searching the internet and tried to purchase the book but have not been successful. The shops will show they have but when I try to purchase then I get an error message out of print/stock. I have...
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    Enrico Pasini Cantabile No2

    Hi Does anyone know where I can find the sheet music for Cantabile No2 by Enrico Pasini. It seems that link is down. I will appreciate the help. Many thanks.
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    Herbert Colvin arrangements for organ

    Hi All I am looking for the following arrangement by Herbert Colvin. I am looking for the organ works of Herbert Colvin # Organ voluntaries based on early American hymn tunes : for organ, Hammond registration included / selected and arranged by Herbert Colvin I can't find it anywhere to buy...
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    How great thou art_ Janet Linker

    Hi All I have been trying to find the sheet music by Janet Linker_How great Thou art. I have been emailing some shops overseas but had no joy. sheetmusicplus / Beckonhorst Press / hopepublishing / jw peppers, etc I was...
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    Fingering - Toccata & Fugue in D min

    Hi All, I trust that we are all doing well. I have made myself a challenge to start practicing "Toccata and Fuguein D-minor" (BWV 565)... It will not be for a performance but to satisfy my desire to play thisbeautiful and challenging piece. I have the Barenreiter collection. I need to ask...
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    it is well with my soul

    Hi All, I came across this video clip (find video link below) where the organist J David Hart plays the hymn "It is well with my soul"... I wrote them a few email to purchase his composition, but received slow responses, like we will respond to your email in a week and still no reply... I will...
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    God be with you till we meet again

    Hi All, I am looking for organ "variation" music for "God be with you till we meet again". Please advice! Many thanks! Greg
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    Searching for organ music

    Hi All, i am looking for an organ variation on 'softly and tenderly Jesus is calling"... please assist... many thanks... Gregory
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    New member from Cape Town South Africa

    Hi All, I am a self taught organist. I had a few lesson to assist with the fingering and after that passed my grade 2. I enjoy organ music because it is good for my soul. I enjoy buying new-/ second hand organ books. I also enjoy downloading free organ music. My heart is open to advice, please...