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    Mercedes Band

    Identity: free translation with my poor English: What's good for the brain not good for the body Something in the sense of smell causes drowsiness Between skies and depth trying to hitch a ride on the consolation of many The clock rushing me to stop speeding...
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    The Invention of the Jewish People, Khazars most of the details I have read are in Hebrew. maybe I'll translate some of them later. anyway the attempt to create Jewish race in today's Israel...
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    80s 90s rock band from Israel. they got several songs sound quite similar to Madness's. The Machine Dance, Madness One Step Beyond Night Train to Cairo, Night Boat to Cairo homage others Touched the Skies...
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    Covers of Jazz

    The twin thread of "Covers", only here the original will be Jazz. The covers can be from any music genre (including Jazz on Jazz). :)
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    Isaac Klepter

    Isaac Klepter is an Israeli singer, composer ang guitarist. Someone opened a youtube channel dedicated to Klepter (because he was sick lately), and asked the youtubers to upload covers of his songs. some were pretty good :) this is Klepter: (member of "Kaveret", in blue shirt) 1973...
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    I can tell that what you described about criminals, thugs, courts and justice is the same over here. I heard that there are places that choose not to be harsh with the punishment as an ideology. for example, in Norway, I heard that according to law, the maximum punishment sentence the court can...
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    Interactive clips

    the musician and singer Yoni Bloch recently published a new interactive music video, using a new technology he developed called Interlude. Interlude is a startup technology that turns regular linear videos into interactive user directed, multi path stories. the viewer of this video choose the...
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    Three days ago 400,000 people participated in demonstrations in cities throughout Israel. a lot of people for a small country. unfortunately there's so much more issues than written in Wikipedia, but for more 'official' info: I...
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    Greek Taverna

    fun video of Arik Einstein (singer) with the song Shekshenavo in Hebrew, meaning when we come, 1992. they mimic Greek Taverna, with traditional greek dance. alcohol and music. originaly beautiful song by greek singer Rena Koumiwti - Ti thelis gero. Arik Einstein - SheksheNavo...
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    One guy enters a diner..

    I like the turn of events in this commercial. 3SElelyWgqw pay attention that the characters are all of the same two actors. tell me if you find something interesting, like for example, I noticed that the blind man reads the magazine upside down. sorry for the...
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    Muki - Talking About Peace

    Muki (Daniel Niv) with the song talking about peace. it was the song of the year in the chart of 2002, Israel. with English CC subtitles. Live 2002: 4vWc39CHM8I Video clip: -lBtcV-hENg Muki has a solo career and is also a Shabak Samech member...
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    Shabak Samech

    Shabak Samech is a group from the small town Yavne, Israel. Shabak Samech - Empire 1995: fTmPEDEXWsk Shabak Samech - Bananas 1995: NOXjb_Mf9xQ Shabak Samech - Don't Tell Me, live 1998 "Chevrolet" Club: QMkq0iZIIFU Shabak Samech - Will Be...
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    Hadag Nahash

    Hadag Nahash is a Hip Hop-Funk band from Jerusalem. I attached english subtitles (closed captions) and it's with HD option. :D Hadag Nahash - Not Enough, Live in Hangar 11, Tel Aviv, 2011 Mib-3OSLMzU ~~~~~
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    Funny Pictures (Got fun pics? Post 'em here :)

    Funny Wall Graphics in the Mens Room in the Hilton, Las Vegas which one you choose?
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    Dr. Kasper's Rabbits Show

    Hi 3 songs of dr. kasper's rabbits show Too much 1995: SlZeg_N1w0o In Red Dress 1993: ZqTjm-beAAc I'll Dream Forever 1995: 5VwGYSRUuco There's english closed captions if you need Dr. Kasper's Rabbits Show is a rock band from Israel What do you think? :cheers: