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    feedback on website... Editions Musica Ferrum

    Guys, I'm trying to gather some feedback on our website. It's fully functional, and it should be working on all browsers, including the i-family (ipad, iphone, etc). Android inclusive. We do plan to have some more things implemented (like an extra page for the shops...
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    Superabimus for string orchestra (live video)

    Well, I think it's time I introduced myself somewhat more properly then! This is a work, titled Superabimus and it was a commission by the Octava Chamber Orchestra which also premiered the work in the Fall of 2010 (the recording is the linked video)...
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    feeling about contemporary classical music?

    Hi, I'm new here and this is my second post. I did read a little about on the forums, but I thought it best to make a new thread about my main question, rather than browsing the forums for hours and hours, lurking... My question is quite simple: what are you feelings towards contemporary...
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    Hi from Nikolas Sideris

    Hi to all, I'd like to introduce myself, since it's the proper thing to do for my first post here! In very short I'm a composer and a publisher of contemporary classical music! As the rules state I won't post the name of the publishing company, or links to my works (since they are in youtube...