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  1. Soubasse

    Vale Chris Squire

    A profoundly significant loss to music, especially Prog Rock. Easily one of rock's best bassists, singers, songwriters, and the man who staunchly held Yes together through all their line-up and stylistic changes. "Lose one onto the Heart of the...
  2. Soubasse

    Le Sacre reborn!! Why have I only just seen this?!?! Sorry if it's been up before, but I have done a search here and can't seem to find it. The incomparable Olivier Latry and his wife Shin-Young Lee give the most stunning performance that I've seen in quite some time...
  3. Soubasse

    R.I.P. Le premiere Dame de l'orgue

    Am rather at a loss for words. Repos paisiblement, Madame Marie-Claire. You were an inspiration for many generations, including mine. Tres tragique
  4. Soubasse

    Singers, a lieder query.

    Hello folks, I'm a little embarrassed to ask (mainly because I feel I really ought to know more about it!:)) but I'd be interested in some opinions from any experienced singers here (or teachers, musicologists, and other smart-alecs) about choices for lieder. I have a student in one of my...
  5. Soubasse

    Orgue d'Albert Alain, Romainmotier

    Well folks, it's fast approaching and I'm nervous on a number of levels. I've had a minor role in preparing the school choir for the brief Alain works that we are performing in Romainmotier Abbey in just a few weeks time (if I had nails to bite, I'd be doing it!). It's getting near "crunch"...
  6. Soubasse

    Older choral piece but hopefully worth something

    Hi folks, Just me again, found an old recording of another of my choral pieces from a while back now. It's not the best recording because of the distance between the organ and the choir (essentially at opposite ends of the building and the microphones were a bit closer to the organ). However...
  7. Soubasse

    New recording of guitar piece (my next YouTube post!)

    Hi folks, I wanted to get another clip on my YouTube channel before 2010 was out and I just managed to post this on NYE. It's a solo guitar piece that I wrote a few years ago now, and is an attempt to convey my profound love for my wife (which is essentially inexpressible but when words fail...
  8. Soubasse

    My first YouTube post

    Hi folks, If mods want to move this somewhere more appropriate, feel free. When it comes to contemporary works, I tend not to distinguish between electronic or acoustic instruments. :) I've had a blank YouTube channel floating around for a while so I thought it was high time I put something...
  9. Soubasse

    Just a light-hearted listening test

    Don't know if you've done these before Ladies and Gentlemen, but a couple of other forums I'm on do this from time to time as a little brain-teaser for those who like to use various powers of aural deduction. I'll keep it devoid of extraneous information for the moment. Have a listen to the...
  10. Soubasse

    "New" Mozart Requiem performance

    On the weekend I played continuo for a new completion of the Mozart Requiem. A local musicologist, Letho Kostoglou, has spent quite a few years doing a lot of exhaustive research and finally managed to secure a premiere performance of his edition. It was clearly an amibitious project and I think...
  11. Soubasse

    Music in the age of soundbites

    I have just this last hour heard the final 15 or so minutes of a thoroughly excellent address by Australian conductor Simone Young, on ABC FM. An edited transcript of it can be found here.
  12. Soubasse

    New choral piece from the nether regions of the Antipodes

    A local choir I've been involved with on and off for the past few years has put a clip of one of the pieces I wrote for them onto their YouTube channel. Lumina specialise mainly in Early (Medieval/Renaissance) and Contemporary repertoire. They've approached expressions of interest from many...
  13. Soubasse


    Last year, I decided to introduce to my Yr 9 class a unit on Beethoven's superlative 3rd Symphony and, having just come into possession of the BBC/Opus Arte film Eroica, realised it would be a good way of putting the work into it's historical context. I further decided it would be worth keeping...
  14. Soubasse

    Our splendid civic instrument turns 20

    Have just returned from a thoroughly entertaining birthday celebration for the Adelaide Town Hall's superb J W Walker organ. The magnificent Thomas Trotter (with the city's Symphony Orchestra) performed some solo pieces along with the main drawcard, Jongen's Symphonie Concertante. It was a...
  15. Soubasse

    Nice to know his magic is still there

    I've made no secret of the fact that I'm a huge afficianado of Jehan Alain's music (and life), and in quite the Jungian turn of synchronicity this week, it's been an interesting lead up to the 70th anniversary of Alain's untimely death (June 20, 1940). Firstly, there was the posting I made in...
  16. Soubasse

    Registration issues - informed opinions please

    I would like to hear if anyone has any informed, professional, sensible suggestions/opinions as to when and, more importantly, why it would be necessary to use every single 8' rank (excluding reeds) on every manual of the organ, with all manuals coupled, for accompanying congregational hymns...
  17. Soubasse

    RIP Les Paul

    For anyone who may not have heard the sad news. Another guitar legend gone.,25197,25927618-5013575,00.html
  18. Soubasse

    Dealing with impolite administrations.

    I know well that the complaints that organists have with administrative folk at their many and varied churches are as many and varied as every single organ in the world, but I’m starting to feel as though my lot are out to set a precedent. It clearly wasn’t enough at this cathedral that the...
  19. Soubasse

    The transportive power of music

    A perrenial subject which I suspect most of us would ponder on a regular or semi-regular basis, but today it just really took me by surprise which is why I thought I'd share it here. I was doing the most mundane of tasks - marking exam papers - and because my office desk is so cramped...
  20. Soubasse

    Organ Concert - Oct 21, 2007 - Adelaide Town Hall

    Hi All, Apologies if there's a sticky for this and I've missed it, but I've spent the past several months preparing a concert programme which I'm performing this Sunday (Oct 21) at the splendid Walker organ in the Adelaide Town Hall. So if anyone happens to be in town :grin: ... please drop in...