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  1. favorite music movies

    What music movies do you like? Do you think they are pretty accurate? I mean movies based on composers, ballet, opera singers, musicians. I saw a movie called the Red Shoes(a ballet movie made in 1948) and I was wondering if people really were that way. I mean the dancers, directors, other...
  2. Does anyone see music in colors?

    I'm watching a documentary about the Phila orchestra. What is it called when you can sort of see colors in each note? I've had this since I was a kid. When I was a kid and told my mom that one day, she must have thought it was weird....I learned how to read music that way. I found out by...
  3. musical scale pattern

    I've heard various music patterns, I was listening to Saturn (Holst' Planets) and the first section of the piece has two themes with different instruments and they sound like they don't go together but it works. What is that called? Jan
  4. Andreas Vollenweider

    What do you think of his music? I am familiar with his first 3 CD's (White Winds)(Caverna Magica) and (Down to the Moon). Jan
  5. The 12 Days of Christmas(seriously funny)

    Mix Carols not Drinks!! LOL Hope you enjoy this. Jan
  6. a music rest: how much is it?

    I have a piece of music in 9/8 time. It has rests that look like an upside down rectangle with a dot next to it. How much of a rest is it? Jan
  7. Wagner opera question

    I heard a piece of music on classical TV, and it was Siegfried's dream and it was by Wagner. Would you know what Wagner opera would have Siegfried in it? Jan
  8. Favorite piano music

    I heard a piece of music recently by Eric Satie(sp?) called Gymnopedie or something close. I liked it. Anyone have pianists they like to listen to? Jan
  9. New Downloads?

    Any idea when the site will have new music downloads available? Jan
  10. incidental music

    What is incidential music? Jan
  11. what is this instrument?

    There is a lovely instrument I've heard in several pieces and would like to know what it is. It's in the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, sort of a music box like sound. In Mercury of Holtz Planets Jan
  12. question about performing artists

    Why do artists and conductors walk off the stage after they perform a piece and then return to it? Jan
  13. what is a violincello?

    I've heard of this instrument but not sure what it is. Violincello? Jan
  14. Romeo and Juliet

    I have an opera I'm watching of Romeo and Juliet and the music is from Gounod. I thought Prokofiev wrote it? Jan
  15. your favorite Tchaikovsky

    I am a big fan of Tchaikovsky. I really like his Symphonies 1,4, and 6. Also Hamlet, Voyevoda. Jan
  16. what is a master class?

    Hi do conductors go to "school"? If so, why do people go to "master classes"? Jan
  17. Manfred symphony by Tchaikovsky

    Hi does anyone know why the "Manfred" symphony is called that? Any special reason? Jan
  18. conductor life just curious?

    Why are there principal conductors for ___ and then guest or assistant conductors? Why do they travel so much? Jan
  19. The Mission theme song

    Hi, The movie The Mission has a theme I heard by Enrico Marricone, I think his name is. What is the name of the classical song that inspired the movie? Jan
  20. conductor questions

    Why do conductors travel so much? Why don't they stay put where they are? Do they have much of a personal life, do they get married? Are they overworked? I found a cool site about instrument jokes and there are some conductor jokes and they are really funny. I wonder how true they are...