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  1. It's Christmas!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful and very Happy Christmas, with good health and enjoyment in the wonderful Christmas music that seems to get better each year!
  2. Den Yndigste Rose

    Have just listened to Frederik's 'Den Yndigste Rose' for two trumpets and organ. A hauntingly beautiful piece of music! Thank you Frederik.
  3. Happy Easter!

    Wishing everyone to whom it means something, a very 'Happy Easter'! Enjoy the music, the eggs and the springtime ....... unless of course you're 'down under', in which case your eggs might be hidden under a carpet of leaves! :grin:
  4. How are you doing Bill?

    How are you Bill? Hopefully much better and already at home, or nearly so. Let us know!
  5. 2017 has begun!

    Wishing all MIMF-ites a very happy and healthy 2017 and great music-making! Happy New Year everyone! :cheers:
  6. Which all-in-one music system for CDs?

    Want to purchase an All-in-one Music System specifically to play CDs - predominantly organ and classical music, but which make/system is best? Preferably one with inbuilt speakers.
  7. Not yet a mention of music for Christmas !

    Christmas is fast approaching! It would be good to know what choices the 'experts' are making for voluntaries this year. Any recommendations too would be welcome, for interest if for no other reason.
  8. Beethoven's Funeral March No.1 by Walch

    Anyone know whether Beethoven's Funeral March No.1 by Johann Heinrich Walch is available anywhere as organ sheet music? Have so far drawn a blank.
  9. Can anyone enlighten me?

    Have recently been watching Vincent Dubois on YouTube, and am curious to know the process(es) used to enable organists of his calibre to perform vast tracts of music totally from memory. Anyone got some theories ...... or knowledge?
  10. Seitze de Vries and Jurgen Ahrend

    I was fortunate enough to 'sit-in' on a couple of improvisation workshops with Sietze de Vries a few days ago and also to attend a concert where he was improvising. Wonderful! A link here from youtube: Unfortunately the other two links I posted turned out...
  11. Great Organs of Malmo, Sweden

    Robert Bennesh, guide and organist, features in a series of 8 videos entitled 'Great Organs of Malmo', compiled as part of his Master's thesis at Malmo Academy of Music. 4. 7. These are links to only two of the videos...
  12. Peter Hurford - Bach's Adagio BWV 564

    A recording here of the Adagio from Bach's Toccata, Adagio and Fugue BWV 564 with Peter Hurford at the organ of the Church of Our Lady at Sorrows in Toronto.
  13. Gert - Sinfonia (Arioso) F Major - Handel

    A 'hot' performance, in more than one sense of the word! ​
  14. St Bart's New York

    The organ, choir, architecture and a glimpse of the outside environment: ​
  15. Walcker organ in Wildervank NL

    Here Willem van Twillert plays 'Pie Jesu' as an organ solo: and here, on the same organ, he plays 'Festival Postlude in C' by Cuthbert Harris, and speaks about the registration set-up: ​
  16. Daniel Bishop at Liverpool Cathedral

    Discovered Daniel Bishop playing at Liverpool Cathedral: Completely effortless playing! A real pleasure to watch .... and to listen to.
  17. Suitable 'modern' music for funerals

    Having been asked unexpectedly recently to play for a funeral, my first for some years, the minister's parting shot was, "No Bach"! Got me wondering as to what (or should I say 'whose') music others currently consider to be suitable, though undoubtedly that will be influenced by the intended...
  18. What voluntaries will you play this Sunday?

    It would be interesting to know who's chosen what, Sunday by Sunday.
  19. Why do you live where you do?

    Doubtless many forum members will have been born in the country where they continue to live, but for those who live in foreign countries, why have you become domiciled there - or are you just passing through?
  20. Pipe Organs in Sweden

    Will be spending a few days in Sweden during the summer in the region of Harnosand on the Baltic coast and will be taking my organ shoes! Does anyone have knowledge of pipe organs in that region and the best person to contact in each case? The only site for possible contact that I've found so...