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  1. Neil

    Surround production

    Hi, I am a musician since many years and have played on 5 albums with my former band Thirsty Moon. Recently I became a great fan of surround music and just finished my own 5.1 production. The online-prelistenings ca be only in Stereo, but maybe you like the music. This is my website with mp3s...
  2. Neil

    Best sequencer?

    I am a user of Logic Pro. Does anybody have experience with this program and can compare it to Nuendo, as she/he is using both programs? Is Nuendo better for Surround Sound? Is the DTS-encoder available seperatly so I could use it with Logic? greetings to everybody Neil
  3. Neil

    Thirsty Moon

    Does anybody know, if the albums of the "Krautrock"-Band Thirsty Moon (1970ies) are available on CD? greetings Neil
  4. Neil

    Schicke Führs Frölling

    A friend told me, that an album of the 70ies group Schicke Führs Frölling is available an CD now. I can't find it at Amazon or so. Did I spell the names wrong? greetings Neil
  5. Neil


    I just looked around these forums an find it very interesting. Have a good time, Neil
  6. Neil


    Hi, everybody I am a musician from Germany, member of the group BACK TO THE MOON. I have just learned, that the rule for this site say, I mustn't write my URL here, if I understood it right? Best regards to everyone, Neil