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  1. intet_at_tabe

    Intet's Farewell

    To all known and unknown mimfer´s :tiphat::clap::banana::trp::banghead::alc::wave::lol::smash::devil::angel::angel::angel::angel: Some of the icons/smiley´s, I have used here with great enthusiasm. Though I am not a danish Lutheran-Christian, rather a non-believer in any religion (look at...
  2. intet_at_tabe

    13 years imprisonment to a spanish ETA related terorist

    Listening to this story from Spain during the TV evening news, reported by a danish journalist, but living full time in Spain made me shake my head - very frustrated. The woman Erika at 41 years of age, a former operative within the Basque Liberation Movement, better known under it´s...
  3. intet_at_tabe

    Unprofessional disfiguring plastic surgery.

    I remember a couple of months ago talking about plastic surgery on a thread, I gave a piece of advice for a mimfer about having silicone plastic surgery done to her breasts. In her words to become sexually free, that she should investigate the clinic first, to discover whether the surgent...
  4. intet_at_tabe

    New free video from Michael Moore.

    New video from the US number 1 documentarist Michael Moore to be downloaded for free from the internet. The video was recorded, while Michael Moore visited every state in the USA, suggesting to every ordinary American voter on the upcoming USA November 2008...
  5. intet_at_tabe

    Free bread for pigeons Just wondering whether these Kamikaze-idots thought of a crotch protector? Again the old scary movie by Alfred Hitchkock "The Birds" appear in my mind.
  6. intet_at_tabe

    Neil Young Band - Live in Concert , July 5 2008

    The 62 year old Canadian Neil Young made this years The Roskilde Music Festival, Denmark the best Festival ever for the past 30 years of individual music festivals in Roskilde, Denmark, according to the entire group of danish rock music reviewers, also because of the extremely well danish summer...
  7. intet_at_tabe

    Happy birthday to you Deeru Piotr on March 8

    I send you all the best (probably on the wrong thread) on this your birthday, March 8. Cheers for Deeru Piotr :cheers::banana::lol::tiphat::clap::wave::guitar: I the hope that this day Saturday will be the best so far in your life surrounded by friends and family. Congratulations and...
  8. intet_at_tabe

    And the Grammy goes to?

    Album of the Year: "River: The Joni Letters," Herbie Hancock. Song of the Year: "Rehab," Amy Winehouse (Amy Winehouse).
  9. intet_at_tabe

    Avatar Question

    Corno Dolce Please help on this one. How do I enter a picture on the left side? Where do you get it from? Is it from your own PC? Or can one find it on the MIMF?
  10. intet_at_tabe

    Learning a foreign language

    Right you are Contratrombone64 All you have to do is learn Danish, the next coming-up language, to replace english, of the world. So class!.......class!........class.......! Thank you. Now please open the books in front of you. Your essay for monday will be the full translation on the danish...
  11. intet_at_tabe

    Jimi Hendrix vs. Stevie Ray Vaughan

    Welcome to all rock/blues/jazz guitar solo interested fans. There has been said and written so much about the guitar legend James Marshall Hendrix, born in Seattle, USA - 11.27.1942, better known to the musical world as Jimi Hendrix. JH suddenly appeared in England in late 1966, invited by the...
  12. intet_at_tabe

    Crystal Cathedral question

    Krummhorn, I watched your images on organs or rather extraordinaire huge pipe organs. Like the Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, Ca USA image: Where does the organ player sit? Do you built these alians? Very impressive. The names under each posters calling name like Rear Admiral Appasionata...
  13. intet_at_tabe


    To the administrator Frederik and the guys. A short introduction. My name "intet-at-tabe" in danish translated to english in respect of our foreign friends, means "nothing-to-lose". I am a male, more than fifty, divorced twice but still going strong, loves jazz music, fanatic about the german...