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  1. giwro

    Jonathan Orwig - Toccata & Fugue Gm

  2. giwro

    RELEASED! 1926 Wangerin (Wet) Madison Masonic Center for HW

    We are proud to announce the release of the Wet version of the 1926 Madison Masonic Center Wangerin organ. The wet version has been significantly voiced and edited in an attempt to restore the organ to like-new condition – we have fixed the bad notes and voicing problems caused over time by...
  3. giwro

    Organ Music Adventures

    Long-time readers of this site may remember in years past I used to post rather frequently with audio clips of rare/new/privately recorded music for organ.. In recent years I have simply not made the time to do so as much - life has at times been far more complicated that it should have been...
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    Concert 10 Dec - YouTube videos

    I've been off these boards for quite some time, finally getting some time to post again... I was privileged to be asked to give one of the 25 minute post-mass concerts at St. Louis. King of France RC in St. Paul, MN USA this past Tuesday, 10 Dec, 2013. Here are a couple of YouTube clips -...
  5. giwro

    Upcoming Hauptwerk sample set - 1925 Wangerin

    Hello everyone, I'm working on a sample set for HW, a fine old romantic Wangerin (similar to Skinner). Here are some links for demos: Swell Strings GT Principal chorus Choir Concert Flute 8 I can post a stoplist if you are interested... Enjoy!
  6. giwro

    Music for small-compass organ

    A friend of mine has recently completed a set of 24 pieces, all playable on an organ with a compass of 45 notes, no pedal. He graciously allowed me to share some audio excerpts: Scarlattiana Regina Caeli St. Thomas Brahmsiana Jerusalem Melodie Noel He Is Risen Hope you enjoy them!
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    New Recording - T+F in Gm

    This piece was written in homage to the great French organ tradition, especially the sounds and aesthetic of the organs of Cavaille-Coll. The structure of the Fugue was influenced by the Fugues of Marcel Dupré, (especially op. 36 # 2 in Ab) and the Toccata of Maurice Durufle from his Suite op. 5...
  8. giwro

    ...a little fun for Christmas....

    Years ago while a composition student, I wrote these pieces... when I finally returned to school to finish the degree, I put them together to form a suite, which I performed at my Composition recital.... Christmas Suite 1 - Trio: Joy to the World 2 - Fughette: Hark the Herald Angels Sing 3 -...
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    The rare/unusual repertoire thread

    Well, several have given the "thumbs-up" to start this thread for rare/unusual repertoire (separate from the Symphonie thread). So, I'll start it off with Claude Delvincourt's Marche d'Eglise. Delvincourt was a contemporary and friend of Marcel Dupré. Sadly, he was killed in a car accident in...
  10. giwro

    Concerto for organ and orchestra

    Greetings, all: I've been working on a Concerto for Organ and Orchestra, here's the first movement for your consideration: 1 - Maestoso Instrumentation - Organ, strings, 3 tpts, celesta, percussion. rendered in Finale 2006 (orchestra) and Hauptwerk 2.21 (organ) Enjoy, -G
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    The Organ Symphony Thread

    I don't think that I've mentioned it here, but I'm in the process of writing a book on the Organ Symphonie. I've been doing research for over 5 years now, and have found a staggering number of works in the genre. I now have enough material to release the first edition of the book, and so am...
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    Practicing more... and enjoying it!

    Hello, friends... I've been gone from these parts for quite some time, as I was in the process of interviewing for a new position. I'm happy to report that I've finished that process, and that we're safely moved across the country to Madison, WI, where I'm now working at Asbury United...
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    New member greetings

    Hello folks - I'm an organist/composer/church musician from Southern California USA. I've been active on email lists for organ enthusiasts since 1995, so I have a long history of using the internet to discuss music. I serve a church full time as a musician, have my own publishing venture and...