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  1. My Gorgeous Spanish Friend

    My Travelog My Gorgeous Spanish Friend When I was young, I really wanted to marry a Spanish girl because I find them sexy and striking. Back in college, I had a Spanish friend who introduced me to this beautiful girl. She was really friendly and very nice even if that was the first she met...
  2. Ferrero's Game Disappearing

    Ferrero's Game Disappearing I feel so sorry for the young Spanish tennis player Juan Carlos Ferrero because of his wretched game nowadays. When he capped the admired French Open in 2003 and held the number one spot for a couple of weeks, I thought he would become another Pete Sampras or Andre...
  3. check out my grandma

    watch my grandmother as she scares away the carnappers
  4. Posting Movies and Other Files on MI Music

    I've been a member of MI Music board for a while, and I've noticed people posting picture and movie files. Most of the hosts use they use allow only 100 MB, some even accept files only up to 10 MB in size. I think MI Music would get much better videos and pictures if people were able to post...
  5. Don't You Just Love Watching This??

    Don\'t You Just Love Watching This?? I do... and I never get tired of this clip. LOL!! HAHAHA.. poor girls!