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  1. chemistry

    Is anybody here studying chemistry? I am interested in it. I want to enter the science stream next year. Science stream contains physic,chemistry,biology and maths. I want to enter Cambridge for further chemistry education!! How do you think about chemistry?
  2. Grande Valse Brillante; Op. 18

    I want to have a recording of this piano piece. It is my favorite song. Who can give me?
  3. chinese organ

    Hi. Do you know about chinese organ? Can you share with me? I'm going to know more of it. Thank You.
  4. hi!

    Hello everybody. I come from Hong Kong and I'm 14. I really feel excited when I have entered this international musical forum!! I have been learning flute,french horn,recorder,euphonium and chinese organ since i have entered my primary school. My english is not so good so I hope everyone can...